The Rifle Bag: the Main Essential Friend of the Hunter

Published: 2021-06-17 10:08:39
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Going on a trade, the hunter takes with his equipment, supplies and other useful things for hunting in such quantity that it is simply impossible for him to do without a convenient means of carrying. At the same time, the bag for hunting, in addition to large capacity, must also meet a number of requirements related to its weight, ease of operation, strength and simplicity of materials. The hunter’s gun bag for the rifle is a specialized bag, equipped with a reinforcing metal frame and shoulder straps called a “hanger”.
This design has a sufficiently high capacity, but its disadvantages include heavyweight, a characteristic feature of clinging to branches and bushes, as well as insufficient ergonomics, putting a serious strain on the muscles and bones of the back. Usually, the gun bag is much harder and larger than a bag or baggie, and is not suitable for hunting near the house, when it is easier to return home than to spend the night in the forest. However, when it is necessary to camp and spend a couple of days away from civilization for hunting, the bag will be indispensable. If you are thinking about buying a bag, then you should take a large climbing type, and you should buy either a game bag, a bag, a smaller backpack, or both.As already noted, the gun bag is heavier, so it will carry the weapon you need for hunting. Some bags also contain cartridges and another kind of weaponry equipment. Buying a gun bag with a machine is justified only by the need to make large crossings on foot and often removed from the camp. Otherwise, a bag without a machine is much more profitable. Since it is easier to change its size, put it in the trunk or just put it under your head. If there are various swamps and water obstacles on your way, then it is better not to take bags with a cross strap, a shoulder-tightening shoulder strap. If you urgently need to get rid of a bag (and there are different situations), then the cross strap will slow down the process considerably. If the gun bag is equipped with rifle mounts and/or a special pocket for transporting it, it should be clarified whether the weapon that you use can fit there. For a bag, it is also recommended to buy a couple of sealed bags for loading game.
Otherwise, the bag can be dirty or even torn. Unlike the previous categories, nets and sacks perform rather an auxiliary function and are not necessary hunter’s companions to carry a weapon and other hunting entities. However, they are easy to carry in your pocket, the amount of wearable game is limited only by the maximum masses for the grid and the hunter’s endurance. At the same time, the game is ventilated and lasts longer, which is especially important for those who hunt in the summer or early in the autumn.

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