Why I Want Photography to Be My Future Career

Published: 2021-06-17 10:08:26
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Photography is something that I have always had a great admiration for. It has been something that I can see myself maintaining as a career in the future which I feel university will help me achieve. One main aspect of photography that has always intrigued me is the branch of communication that images can create such as portraying emotions and experiences allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the scenes set out before you.
This course will offer me the chance to improve on my current skills as well as learning new ones which will, in turn, allow me to progress further towards my goal of a successful and exciting career. Being a part of a high practical based course is something that really excites me as this will offer me the chance to showcase my skills and creative ability in a professional, appreciative environment.When I was doing my A-levels, that’s when I’d decided that I wanted photography to be my future career. As soon as I completed my A-levels, I joined Crawley College to achieve the third level to complete my degree.
During college, I was finally able to understand, manipulate and see where each technic belongs. Since secondary school, I wasn’t able to identify the smallest detail in the image but after college, my mind has widened on how I view the image, which is a huge part of photography. I was able to see my work progress and improve from when I first started photography and when I was studying in college and for me, this was a big step.
When I was studying media, I had so much freedom to try out different technics to develop my skills. I feel like I have learned a fair amount in both secondary school and college but not as much as I thought I would. By looking at the course I had realized I can see I’ll be able to develop and improve my skills where they need to improve.
Just after I finish college, I didn’t want to stop photography. So straight after college I found myself a job and saved up for a DSLR camera to carry on with my hobby. On my days off I try to find good locations, so I can use them for future references. But also to take pictures for my website and portfolio.
My main interests are mostly camping because I love wildlife and nature. I’ve tried taking various shots of wildlife while I was in America to add a range of different images to my portfolio and also to get the practice of taking pictures of wildlife in action. I love experimenting with different types of shots. I took pictures of drops of ink in water, exploding water balloons and people doing tricks and stunts while skateboards.

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