A Work on Iot Innovation Development

Published: 2021-06-17 09:35:36
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According to Gartner, approximately 70 percent of the world’s population is expected to live in cities by 2050. So government is focusing towards the IoT innovation to enhance their services, to improve communication and to reduce the cost.
IoT is such a technology that it can be applied everywhere and anywhere. The type of application will completely depends on us. When it comes to Smart city, applications include Traffic management, Smart Parking system, Trash & Dust Management, Smart Electric Grid. Smart Street Lighting, Park Irrigation, etc. But the most innovative use case and the difference you find immediately are Smart Parking, Smart Street Lighting and Trust and Dust Management.Smart Street Lighting: Lampposts (streetlights) are not just lampposts, they will be part of city’s Wi-Fi network and can also be equipped with sensors to collect the data on air quality. Most of lights or all the lights will be LEDs which reduces energy consumption. The beauty is they can adjust their light intensity based on proximity of pedestrians and thus further reduces energy usage. This system resulted in 30% of energy saving across urban lighting system and helped, Barcelona to save $37 million annually.
Trash and Dust Management: The more clean and green the roads the better the health of citizens. IoT sensors deployed to trash bins will call the respective authorities and department giving information that bins are filled and need to be emptied. These sensors are also helps in optimizing the routes of trash carrying trucks which reduces energy usage.
Smart parking: Roads will tell you the parking place which will make it easy to find parking.
Smart Grid: TO make everything smart electric grid should be smart and deployment of sensors in electric grid makes easy to find the flaws in grid which gives continuous power supply. Following are the benefits of smart grid:
Automated fault detection: As every device in the path is smart makes easy to detect the flaw and can be repaired remotely.
Smart Transmission: Smart Grid incorporates new networking technology, including sensors and controls which monitors electricity use in real time and make automatic changes to reduce waste.
Smart Meters: Smart meters to digitally send meter readings to ensure more accurate energy billings and includes sensors for a better understand of usage. They also notify the more availability of electricity from non-renewable sources and also gives some suggestions to reduce usage of electricity.

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