The Organization of Chat Customer Service

Published: 2021-06-17 09:34:59
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Chat customer service requires effective communication and interaction. Not only does a chat agent need to have patience and accurate communication, but they also have to be fast and tech savvy. With an occupation that demands focus, communication, and speed, of course there are some people who cannot adapt to its needs. One has to continuously improve and grow from the experience so they can be better. It’s great your response times are under 60 seconds and surveys are at 90% accuracy, but now you have to work to get to response times under 45 seconds and 95% accuracy.
You also have to have communication with your floor walkers and supervisors. They are essentially the tools that help you exceed in the workplace. Credits, denied access, complicated situation with a customer? These are the people who make the decisions to get you through these problems and bypass any issues. It can definitely get pretty tense when you have the same customer you’ve been talking to for the past 3 hours and it’s 10 minutes till the end of your shift and you know it’s going to be a long night. Employees can get pretty stressed throughout the day because we have to do whatever it takes in order to receive a yes on the surveys at the end of the chat so the teams accuracy percentage goes up. The stress of competing with other locations and businesses accuracy percentages as well can be extreme. The accuracy percentage gets too low, people start to lose money and vacancies for positions start to open. The floor walkers and supervisors job is to make sure we do all we can to keep our percentages up.Observing the workplace showed extensive signs of“Hawthorne Effect”. The Hawthorne effect states that employees’ modify their behavior when they are under study. I observed supervisors giving out “dream schedules to employees with above 97% accuracy on surveys and over time worked for the month. The theory showed that concerns and needs will be addressed and that is exactly what happened, the employees begin to feel heard as no one likes the schedules they are currently working. The same thing happened in my work establishment that the theory was used. Employees knowing that the better they do, they will be rewarded with working whatever schedule they liked made them work harder at their jobs and more efficiently. There was consistency in the accuracy of employees wherein the theory of characteristics of the workers consistency in their assessment. Incentives as well as a positive environment help increase the efficiency and productivity in the workplace.
A few things that might have changed in which work and management may have changed since the era when studied by the pioneers in management is the introduction of modern technology, i.e computers, conference calls, video calls, etc. The new additions provide a relatively more modern way of management. Management no longer has to be in the same place as the other employees or even same country. They can monitor and manage the accuracy or productivity of the workers digitally. Hawthorne’s theory does not capture such a change. The new technologically advanced era has seized and changed the way of life.

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