The Oldest Still-open Bars in the World

Published: 2021-06-17 10:15:35
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In this modern world where consumers dictate what’s hot and not, almost or if not all brands and establishments have found their way to prolong their existence. Usually this is by rebranding, a major overhaul, or changing what they sell. There is nothing wrong with change as they let buildings, restaurants, and other establishments better their services.
Clubs would be up and running almost everywhere and anytime. There are actually people who make a bucket list of drinks and foods they wanted to try and internet helps a lot in finding good places to go to. That is why clubs/pubs and restaurants would invite influencers/bloggers to promote their place for exposure. This is also a sure way to get people come to your establishment.But did you know that somewhere in this world, there are bars as old as history can only tell? There are bars that are still the same and had passed on for generations. The following are the list gathered of the oldest still-open bars in the world:
Ye Olde Man & Scythe
It was dated 1251 only because it was that time it was mentioned in a charter. Locals have hearsays that the club dated way back and God only knows when. As most people think, this club as they said is haunted. It actually has a viral video where there is a ghost apparition appearance back in 2014.
Sean’s Bar
Come in and have a drink or two in Sean’s Bar! What’s astonishing in this bar is that it was dated during 900 AD. Whoa! This club is not a myth at all! There were records since the 10th century founding. They surely keep tabs. This club is found in Athlone, Ireland and has been certified by Guinness World Records for legitimacy purposes. This is a very huge place and can cater 20, 000 people max.
Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
As the name of the pub would suggest, it got it from the famous Crusades to Jerusalem. The pub has history dated as far as 1189 AD. Stories have it that Crusaders who journey to the Holy Land would stop here to take a break and have a drink. The architecture of the pub was built against a number of caves. There are caves below the tavern too which is used as a storage room for pints and foods. Did I mention this place is located in Nottingham, England? That one famous place where the legends of Robin Hood were born.
The Bingley Arms
The Bingley Arms is located in North Leeds, England. Guinness World Records considered it as the oldest pub in Britain. Stories have it that this pub’s customers are mostly monks as it was situated between two large convents. It was even originally called the Priest Inn! The remarkable thing in this building is that it is still almost complete in architecture and fully functional. People like to keep it original too when they’re cooking bread or serving pints.
Zum Riesen
This pub is located in Miltenberg, Germany. It was established around 1150 although there are not really legitimate records that can justify that claim. It was stated that this pub was high class as it had seen so many high names that hailed its doors – from Emperor Charles IV to King Ludwig of Bavaria.

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