The Autobiography of Robert Neville

Published: 2021-06-17 10:10:46
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My name is Robert Neville, and I was born on the 29th of July 1986 in Washington DC, Columbia at 9:43AM. My parents were Dwayne Neville and Joan Neville; both now deceased. My mother died at the age of forty-three in 2001 from bronchogenic; the result of a lifetime of smoking. My father passed under the same circumstances.
He was fifty-eight.I don’t have very fond memories of my childhood; I grew up in the typical lower-class environment. My father drank, a lot. He was abusive. My mother, on the other hand, was too busy working as a whore on the lower docks. She barely noticed my existence. I do not have any siblings; my parents filed for divorce in 1990. I lived with my father until the age of sixteen, but I left when I was hospitalized for the seventh time. Consequently, I spent my sophomore years through to senior years crashing at my best friend Michael’s house. During this period I got involved in some drugs, and found myself rapidly spiraling down a path that would only lead to twenty-five years to life behind bars. Fortunately, after finding my best friend Michael overdosed on one chilly night, I sharply refrained from that lifestyle.
Miraculously, I graduated Eastern High in 2004, and even with my questionable behavior earlier in my life I had always wanted to become a police officer; although I could not join the force until I was 21. So, to stay out of trouble and kill time, I joined the Army. I was immediately sent to Fort Higgins, Arizona for basic training. After completing my training, I was given a choice to select what I wanted to specialize in, and I chose military virologist. Something about how viruses, a tiny microscopic organism, could be manipulated to end an entire civilization piqued my interest. Three weeks into my training as a virologist, I now knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Five years later at the age of twenty-four, I left the armed forces; a strong intelligent man. I was now working as military contractor, specializing in contagious viral infections. With the new job came the opportunity to live in society, I chose New York City, Manhattan.
It was in 2011 when I met the woman who would bare my child: Zoe Gibbs. She worked as a chemical engineer at facility that specializes in developing economical ways to use and produce energy. The day I met her she was wearing a white dress; one worthy of a goddess. Three years later we married and conceived a daughter: Marley.
Five years later the ‘Krippin’ Virus emerged, there was global panic. 95% of the population were killed instantly. 3% of the remaining population turned into Monsters; creatures that couldn’t bare the sunlight. Only 2% remained immune both to the deadly properties of the virus, and the transformative side effects.
Unfortunately, I was one of the immune.
Both my wife and my daughter were slaughtered during an evacuation attempt on New York, two years passed and I went down a spiraling path of self-harm and negativity. If it wasn’t for Sam, my daughter’s dog, who had outlasted all of this with me, I would have ended my life years ago. Instead of continuing down my endless spiral, I choose to dedicate myself to finding a cure for the virus.
There is a path out of this nightmare, a light that glows so tantalizingly at the end of the tunnel. There is a cure out there.
And I will find it.

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