Sugar Taxes – a Way to Save Our Population from the Detrimental Health Problems

Published: 2021-06-17 09:34:20
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The organization named south African association for food science and technology is credible because it is very accurate and authoritative in food and beverage manufacturer. I found this article from gale, a well-known published website founded in 1945. The website itself is a database library where thousands of articles and magazines can be found. The articles main argument is that imposing tax could have bad effect on our economy and could also lead to unemployment. The author supports this by claiming that production of sugary products will drop and will eventually create demand for jobs. The author says that government should be against the sugary products and should take some necessary measures rather than using sugar tax as a tactic. I found this article really interesting when the author said sugar could lead to negative consequences such as consumption of salt as a substitute for sugar may have negative impacts on our health. Overall, I agree with the source because I can this source in my paper to show that sugar tax should be imposed but will also create unemployment for innocent workers and will have negative effect on our economy.
The author’s credential is excellent because it is a research organization which publishes thousands of articles and magazines on different issues every year. I found this article from gale library database which started in 1945 and creates the material by a global network of scholars, subject matter specialists, professionals and much more. The authors main argument is that sugar tax will reduce the growing obesity in the world. The author supports the argument by saying that higher the taxes, the better the health. The sugar tax will have no effect on obesity and would punish the moderate soft drink consumers unnecessarily. I agree with the article because the author has supported the article very well. I will use this article in a way that people know about the cure of our growing obesity.The article “This Tax Could Save Your Life” is written by Tom Frieden. He got his degree from Yale University and now he is an American infectious diseases and public health expert. He has written many articles and books related to the topic. The CNN industry is world famous since 1980 and is an American television new channel. The author’s main argument in the article is that taxing on sugar products will keep you away from health problems like diabetes and obesity. Diabetes and obesity is now the leading cause of deaths in the world. The author supports his argument by saying that “higher the tax, lower the consumption and larger the health benefits”. Author even talks about how government should come up with a better formula rather than taxing sugar because people are still paying the price to eat the sugary products. I can use this information to show people that taxing sugar will let people intake less sugar calorie.
The author named Meera Senthilingam wrote the article “Can A Sugar Tax Stop Obesity.” She is an editor for the CNN health and wellness unit. She has written many articles on health-related issues. The author’s main argument in the article is that taxes are an effective way to stop obesity and diabetes. Sugar has become an alcohol for everyone because the daily intake for sugar is exceeding than normal every day. The author supports the argument by saying that sugar tax could reduce the amount of sugar in people’s diet. There will be many health benefits for sugar tax such as diabetes and obesity will drop, and many more health problem will resolve. I can use the facts and evidence from the article to show people that sugar is a public health issue which needs attention, but can be solved by sugar tax.
The article “Why Sugar Taxes Wont Dent Obesity” is written by Ryan Bourne. He holds a position for the public understanding of economics at Cato. Before joining Cato, Bourne was the head of the public policy at the institute of economic affairs, and the head of the economic research at the center for policy studies. The Cato institute was founded in 1977 and is public research organization. The author’s main argument is that taxes alone won’t stop the obesity. The author supports the argument by saying that, around the world the customers are relatively unresponsive to the increased prices on the sugary products. The impact of the tax on obesity is still smaller. I agree with the article because I have ignored the prices on sugary products too. I can use this information in a way, in which readers know that taxes alone is not a better idea to eliminate the health problems.

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