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Published: 2021-06-17 10:08:39
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The first own bow is at home, you already have some shooting units behind you and now wonder how you transport it and how will you take everything together on the field. Proper handling and sufficient care of your sports equipment is necessary so that the bow and its other accessories can maintain its quality in the long term. The right handling is not that difficult.
In this article, we go in search of a suitable hunting packs or a case and clarify what you should pay attention to when buying. In addition, you will learn some tips for the proper care and maintenance of your bow in order to use it permanently. Bow Case or Bow Bag?Any archer, whether he is practicing traditional longbows or training with professional sports arches, needs them: a high-quality storage solution to protect the cherished bow. Depending on the type of bow different requirements are placed on its storage. It is clear that compound bows are safely stowed only in a compound bag or Compoundkoffer and also for Recurvebögen the matching recurve bags and cases are made. But the question remains: bow case or bow bag?
Both bow case and bow pocket have obvious advantages and disadvantages. A bow pocket is lighter and more flexible than a bow case. It is easier to handle and offers high wearing comfort. A slightly heavier bow case with hard case, on the other hand, scores above all with its high protection factor even in rain, falls and blows. The decision between the bow bag and the bow case should therefore be made according to the purpose and aspects such as the duration of the journey? so a trolley case can shorten a longer transport way but a lot. A look at the manufacturer’s brands also helps to estimate the quality of the bags and cases.
How to know how to choose the best tactical backpack
It does not matter if you are looking for a small backpack, one for 2-3 days or even longer, for a total adventure as Bear Grylls backpacker, this series of recommendations apply for all cases:
No doubt this is the most important factor, and the first you should look. Backpacks are created with the comfort of the user in mind, especially the back. The fillings of the shoulder or of the lower part of the back, the thickness, width and padding of the adjustable straps.
Although these backpacks are prepared to withstand the toughest conditions, that does not mean they can not be comfortable. Whether it is a walk or longer trips, it is vital that we can transport our backpack with maximum comfort.
But since we do not always have the option to try these articles in person, we recommend reading carefully the opinions of other buyers. Because comfort does not depend on tastes, but on other objective factors, so if there is not enough information in Spanish, look for it in English. Even if you are not a great lover of the language of Shakespeare, surely the translator will do an acceptable job.
Obviously, the capacity directly affects how many objects and accessories you can transport. Put another way, depending on the time you are going to spend outside or the amount of items that you are going to carry, you should opt for one capacity or another.
More capacity implies greater weight and generally, higher price also. As an orientation, for a day trip, with a 30L backpack you should have enough. For 2 or more days, at least 40L. In any case, this measure is only a reference, since the correct distribution of the backpack and the number of compartments will be those that really determine the real load capacity for each particular case.
Good organization
Here, that of “more is better” is not necessarily fulfilled. Having more compartments and pockets, more than being useful, can turn against us when it comes to locating where we put this or that thing. So it is not only important that we have enough places to store, but we practice on a regular basis where we have saved everything until it becomes a habit.
Modularity and possibility of expansion
The capacity of a backpack to be extended by straps with M.O.L.L.E system (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) is something that we can not ignore, since it will allow us to incorporate different pockets and containers.
Although this may seem obvious since tactical backpacks are created for this purpose, it never hurts to look for quality materials and a guaranteed manufacturing process. If the backpack has thread seams, it is advisable to check them every so often to avoid major problems. A double seam will always give us greater security, but do not forget that in this type of backpacks, the threads used are usually quite resistant.
Depending on the load you plan to store, it can be highly recommended that you look for a model that has certain compartments made of rigid material. Not only the continent should last us for years, but the content.
In general, we talk about resistance to water, NOT impermeability. In other words, in certain situations, it is possible for water to leak. This will depend to a large extent on the thread used as well as the design chosen by the manufacturer. Sometimes the holes used to expel liquids can introduce water in the opposite direction. So be careful where you leave your equipment.

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