Royal City Brewing: Compelling Recommendations that Address Innovation and Reinvention of Organization

Published: 2021-06-17 09:33:51
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Throughout the existence of a firm, like Royal City Brewing there may be a need for reinvention of CSR strategies (short- and long term) that address innovation within the organization. Reinvention in an organization can be very important for the firm to include because it can be key to a firm’s success/competitiveness within their market. Overall, the beer industry is a very large and multi-dimensional industry ranging from large corporative beer firms like Budweiser to small craft brewing companies like Royal City Brewing that offer a diverse set of beer flavours and a small set of employees operating the firm, around fifty (Hertzman & Kimplaire, 2013). Problems that the beer industry faces vary because it impacts the environment, society and it uses raw rare materials (Hertzman & Kimplaire, 2013). Additionally, the industry experiences scepticisms and scrutiny as it is involved with alcohol and the negative implications surrounding the use and abuse of it. There are a few strategies that Royal City Brewing firm is implementing to address innovation within their firm. Firstly, Royal City Brewing specifically targets wages amongst employees like servers, giving them a “living wage” instead of minimum wage with the aim being employee comfortability and satisfaction boost (Burga, 2018).
Offering a satisfying wage to employees often ensures low turnover throughout the years of a business and in turn, loyal dedicated employees. Next, Royal City Brewing operational model includes working with multiple charitable organizations within the community, promoting “sustainable cities and communities” (Burga, 2018). Royal City Brewing is taking a progressive and sustainable approach this way and the goal of this is to support and be involved in good service and promotion of charitable organizations within the Guelph community, like the Guelph Pipe Band and Black History Month events through providing product at the venues the charitable organizations are present at. According to chapter 5 of Reconstructing Value: Leadership Skills for a Sustainable World by Elizabeth Kurucz, creating a learning partnership with a civil society organization is productive for innovation as it achieves the challenging of governing norms and values in the system (Kurucz, 2013).Lastly, Royal City conducts activities that promote safe and healthy consumption of their product, like donating used wheat back to farmers (Burga, 2018). The beer industry faces large environmental costs as well because there is high water usage involved with the brewing process, like cleaning of equipment and production of beer (Hertzman & Kimplaire, 2013). To address this, Royal City Brewing uses beer production equipment that reduces waste in the creation process, as well as saving costs and human error (Burga, 2018). It is important for the firm to stay current with efficient green equipment options. One option Royal City Brewing could improve on is using glass or cans that are made from recycled materials (Hertzman & Kimplaire, 2013). Overall, Royal City Brewing as a firm involves innovation at the forefront of their business model and exemplifies sustainable brewing options and product development.
Royal City Brewing is a progressive and sustainable firm that operates on a small-scale. It is a perfect example of a firm that is active in their community, as well as one that conducts CSR strategies to further their success in the market. This involves strategies to encompass environmental and social dimensions like the triple bottom line framework, which incorporates measures of profits, return of investment and shareholder value. Operational changes in the firm can be made through product innovation and staying current and involved in the brewing market. If Royal City Brewing operates within the interests of environmental awareness, their employees and product value and innovation then it is likely they will succeed in an ever-growing, competitive brewing industry.

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