Role of Ngos in Rural Library Development

Published: 2021-06-17 09:40:49
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In addition to government there are so many Non government organization which are working for the Rural Library, Community Information, etc. Following are some of the NGOs which are actively involved in same.
Rural Library Foundation
Rural Library Foundation” is working for the cause of information dissemination through rural libraries in India since 2000. It helps to establish library in villages. Prime objective of the organization is to inculcate the reading habits in the school going children and youth of the villages. 64 village libraries are supported by this organization in the rural areas of Karimnagar, Medak, Mahbubnagar, Warangal and Nizamabad districts of Andhra Pradesh. Sponsorship for these libraries are provided by Non Residents Indians and local public.The mission of the Rural Library Foundation is to bring about a significant change in the lives of future generations by enhancing their knowledge as they grow, to become confident, competent, and caring individuals to help build a better personal life, provide change in the society for nation and a better world.
The objective of the organization is to bridge the gap in education between rural & urban set-ups and encourage rural children by up grading and enabling independent thinking, by providing access to resources, value based education, exposure to outside world and creating forward linkages that results into suitable livelihoods for all.
Community Library
The organization developed a Community Library in the village of Bania Chapar. Before starting a community library there was a conversation with six high school children. One of these six wanted to be model, and another wanted to be a Physicist and join a university as a Professor. For the realization of these dreams, they wanted a library to read extensively and to charter their own desired course in life. To support the dreams of these student a community library was started by the organization.
Rural Relations
In 2008 the Gyan Key library initiative was conceptualised by Pune-based NGO – Rural Relations. The NGO is promoting reading among the rural population of Maharashtra. In next few days, the project plans to open 500 such libraries in rural secondary schools across Marathwada, which could benefit more than 50,000 students. To encourage rural children to get into the habit of reading, establishment of 500 new Gyan Key libraries across Marathwada took place. Out of these 500 libraries 175 libraries have been started in Aurangabad district for children aged 11-16 years in secondary schools. Two libraries in the remote village of the Maharashtra were started daily in the initial stage of the mission.
Responsibility to manage the library is given to one girl students. Each library has a at least 180 books on different subjects in local languages that can be used approximately 300 rural students of 8 to 10 villages. It has an aim to set up 6700 rural libraries in Maharashtra and 85000 oll over India.
READ’s Community Library and Resource Centre
For the acitve participation rural peoples in community affairs it is necessary for them to be literate. To increase the literacy rate among the rural people, the women, marginalized and unpriviledge, Rural Education and Development (READ) India empowers rural communities using a model for sustainable educational, economic and community development that set ups non-profit community resource libraries with for-profit ventures. READ’s approach mostly focuses on the educational development of rural people through community libraries.
Read India is helping rural communities by establishing community libraries with a sustainable financial strategy. Both the library and the sustainable income-generating projects are used as a developmental vehicle to undertake various other development initiatives in the community.

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