Qualities and Facts About Islam

Published: 2021-06-17 10:09:59
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Following are some of the best qualities and facts about Islam:
Muslims are united behind the simple straight forward fact that they have to “Worship and Answer” to one and only God. Muslims don’t have to knock their heads trying to figure out how in “heaven” the addition of three is ever going to equal 1, nor have to get lost between 33 to 33 million gods, trying to figure out which one works for what, when, and where. It is only the one and only, the Almighty God/Allah (swt.)Muslims have only one revealed divine book. No hundreds of different, contradicting, multilayered versions and translations. The book is original, maintained in it’s original language and script as it was revealed 15 centuries ago; it’s the Qur’an.
Muslims are united behind one single undisputed Prophet, whom they love, respect, and defend as a human being, he is not a god nor worshiped like one, just taken as ultimate example and followed.
Islam is universal, non-racist, sent to each and every sane individual, easy to grasp, straight forward in it’s doctrines and dogmas. It is the easiest and quickest to join, by expressing your belief in one sentence before God.
Islam is quite logical, and compatibly adequate to the human nature. No need for philosophically complicated explanations and refrences to understand.
Islam an easy direct path to the Lord, our Creator, no need for middle intervention or mediators. It is one to one relationship with God, on your own, no middlemen, fees, or ‘commissions’.
Islam is non-institutional, you can attain Islamic knowledge and be very good at it on your own. Traditionally you can attend and have public lessons from specialized scholars in their fields, and can get highly certified in the specific field. One particular practice is Qur’anic recitations.
Islam is preserved, it is the longest continious unaltered religion, no matter what the geographical, political, cultural, or times of peace or war might be. It was well documented by it’s original followers, the first three generations, scholars, and references. The documention is vast, detailed, and within reach to any person who can read and understand modern day formal Arabic. The tools are the same, in fact Arabic grammer was derived based on Qur’an, the literature is well preserved, maintained, and even memorized.

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