Problem & Solution with School Lunches

Published: 2021-06-17 09:49:19
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Do you think that school lunches are foul, well with their untasteful foods, or appalling salad bars I can see why. For me the do, school lunches can help students take a break from classes or even help encourage students to socialize. School lunches have a lot of potential while still being healthy. I’ve gathered information from a lot of students, and they agree that school lunches have a lot of potential of being good and fresh but not bland and sickening.
The cooks do good at their jobs, but sometimes lunches are still cold or unfresh. Coming from the student standpoint if the food from first glance looks or even taste bad the kids sometimes won’t eat at all. Sometimes the food from the salad bar isn’t as fresh as it could be. For example sometimes the apples are mushy, the salad brown, the fruit bruised. Even sometimes the school lunches will leave us feeling sick in the stomach. There is nothing more that I hate about food is the main dish being cold.There are plenty of things we can do to make school lunches better. One step toward that could make the school lunches better is making sure that the main dishes are warm when served. One way that we can make sure that all the food is warm is to put them in some sort of insulated container on a hot pad. Another way to keep the school lunches warm is if their is twenty minutes until the next class and the food only takes ten minutes to cook just wait to cook until the food needs to be. If there is any extra food they could cover the insulated containers in tin foil until next class. I think if we did these few examples our food lunches would be more warm and fresh.
I think to keep school lunches fresh we could Grow a school garden. Of course the first step of making a school garden we would have to fundraise for the greenhouse supplies and seeds. Once we have the garden all setup and built the younger grades like first and second grade can plant the seeds and tend to it. Overall this garden will be educational for the lower grades. And over the school year we can have little harvests and little celebrations with each harvest to celebrate us making the school lunches fresh and clean.
Some people may say that the foods are always fresh, but in fact today the salad bar had brown salad and bruised apples. People may also argue that the main course is always warm but just last week my cheeseburger was cold and I had to wam it up in the microwave, overall I think that there are some ways that the cooks could keep our food more fresh and warm, and these are all ways we can make our school a little bit more educational and a lot more tasty and fresh.

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