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Published: 2021-06-17 10:00:05
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Unisex hairdressing, beauty and barber services salon. We offer a variety of services for men and women. Services available for Men:
Haircut and Styling: Pro Styles conduct a personal consultation with the customers. This is basically done to identify as to what kind of haircut a customer is looking for. Once they have identified the style they want to achieve, they work their best to achieve that for the customer. With the use of certain tools, they can pin up the hairs to give extra volume to the hairs. Hair Color: The hair color that is used in the salon is Redken, available only at Pro Styles, which is imported from United States. The team uses variety of techniques to give you the best of hair color you want. Pro Styles provides Highlights, Ombre, Sombre, Rainbow, Root touch-up, Balayage and full head color.
Textured Waves: Also referred to as Beach Waves, add body and movement to the hairs. At Pro Styles, we can provide you with multiple textures over one head. With excellent skills and technology, our staff will make sure that the textures should look cohesive.
Services available for Women:
Keratin Smoothing Treatment: The Keratin Treatment is designed to give you frizz free hairs. This basically straightens the hairs and the treatment lasts for 14 weeks if maintained properly.
Treatment: We provide a hair treatment for damaged and fizzy hairs. We will apply an intense mask to your hairs which will improve the health of hairs and prevent it from damaging and breakage.
Hair Extensions: This basically adds length, volume and color to the hairs. A consultation is required before scheduling an appointment.
Threading: Customers can also avail threading services at Pro Styles. Threading services are available for Eyebrows, Lips, Chin, Cheeks and Face.
Waxing: Waxing services are available for Eyebrows, Lips, Cheeks and Face. Henna tattoo: It is commonly referred to as Mehndi in India. At Pro Styles, we create casual or customized henna tattoos for brides. Similarities between Pro Style and other market competitors Like Pro Style, other players in the market offer high end hairdressing and styling services according to client’s personalization. Each competitor in the market offer free consultation and advice to customers. Each player in the market has highly skilled and experienced stylist and team who make sure customer satisfaction. Most of the services which are available at Pro Styles are also offered by the competitors.
Differences with respect to other market Competitors
Pro Styles is a complete beauty and hair service salon whereas some competitors (Violet Hair Lounge) in the market are only providing hair services, making Pro style a one stop service provider. Pro Style has various trending products that add more value to services such as Hair and scalp analyzer which other challengers (Port Place Hair Spa) do not have.
Follow ups and reminders is a key factor that Pro style focus on to maintain better customer relationship, which at times is neglected by other rivals. Students get certain discounts on Haircuts and other grooming services. With fixed working hours, Pro style gives an early morning access to customers from 9 am to late 7 pm which are not liable to change unlike others. Also, the team is operational on Sundays, allow people take a service on weekend also. Some salons like Hey Beautiful do not open on Sundays.

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