Past Fades to Get New Scripts

Published: 2021-06-17 10:00:14
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They say love is true, pure, perfect and stands with you when you fall. But it did not happened with me and I don’t believe this word any longer. I didn’t fall in love but he took me into the garden of affection. He holded me to cross the path to reach that garden where love blossoms everywhere far and wide. And, I walked in with wide eyes smiling at every step along the way. I decided on to move with him and to live with him in that orchard of love. But sometimes destiny doesn’t support our choices and fate decides our further paths on which we have to walk alone or with someone else. When I wanted him to be in my life for forever he has chosen the others and left my hand in in the middle. He took me into the garden of love but left me to be there all alone and lonely. I wanted to be the part of his world but he changed his world and I accepted that as a part of my destiny. Someone said that “You don’t find love but it finds you” and the same happened with me. I never believed in love but he made me to have faith in love, to believe the world that is beautiful, lovely and full of twinkling light of stars. But in my case love only gave me bitterness and sour.
I do believe in fate and destiny and we are destined to meet people at different times of our life. I know time will heal everything and there is a reason for everything that happened in my life but no one can change the way I felt. No one can see the heartaches behind that beautiful smile. Remembrances would be there always which makes me sad, the meaning of old and new and the difference of being apart from each other in those remembrances and being alone. But now its all clear and I realized that everything has to end one day no matter before or after. It’s just a span of time but every mark of past fades to give beautiful scripts in present. Fate decided my encounter with him and then destiny storing something else for me. We are apart and hardly have feelings for the past because fate is having someone better for me. I was destined to be separated from him to meet the best one for me. Sometimes life doesn’t give us an option to choose the path but gives us an unexpected turn that leads us where we are supposed to be. Not today but later in life everything would be connected, every road we are headed or heading to would lead us to the destination. And after being in love you destroy yourself or you save yourself. Now it’s you who have to choose the future which is still having opportunities to judge between that is best for you. Today true love realized me that past was just a phase not life and even not love so I should not lose myself to the one who doesn’t deserve me or my love or who never doesn’t care about losing me. Leaves fall so that new life can grow and flower buds can even grow from broken earth which means that if nature doesn’t stop living than why should I? So, I was broken to grow and stand stronger.

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