My Hero’s Origin Story

Published: 2021-06-17 10:05:36
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The Greek Gods had gathered enough Hope and Praise from the mortals to last an eternity. Zeus faded from the skies, Poseidon swam from the seas, and Hades freed the souls of The Underworld before dissappearing as well. The Gods had decided to free the mortals, to the least known Primordials to the most famous Olympians. All except one.
Thanatos, the Primordial God of Death wanted praise, love, and fear from all the mortals, as he thought he had lurked in the shadow of Hades for too long, though the rest of the Gods weren’t oblivious to this.Ares, The God Of War, was sent to stop Thanatos, with a reminder that conflict amongst the Gods was forbidden. as it had only took a mere two Gods to start another Great War, but Ares found a loophole in this rule, if not Gods, then how about Demigods? With this idea, Ares descended to the mortal world to find a woman with Spartan blood.
After a short search, The War God found a woman in a land far from Greece, he found her brawlling with three drunks, despite the difference in numbers, she looked like she was doing well on her own. Ares approached her with a mortal disguise under the name ‘Adrian’, though, seeing the fight was interrupting their meeting, Ares knocked the drunks out with a single swift punch. Impressed, the woman introduced herself to Ares as ‘Lysandra’.
They had a good time together, fighting against more people, tricking the bar bouncers and maybe stealing a wallet or two. To Ares, she rivalled the beauty of Aphrodite. Eventually, Lysandra became tired and invited Ares to her house, there, the child of Ares was concieved and he returned ti Mt Olympus to wait for his birth
Soon, Lysandra birthed Ares’ Son, and though absent physically, Ares could see every second of his son’s birth. But as to not arouse any suspicion, Ares took his son’s Godly powers and would give them back at his son’s coming of age. Thus, Ares’ child was named Nicholas, Nicholas Iota.
Nicholas lived an average childhood, had some friends, had some enemies, and was taken care of by his mother. One Saturday night, a 17 year old Nicholas felt something calling out for him. He shifted uncomfortably in his bed, tried to get the feeling out of his head, but no matter how much he resisted, he felt something was missing.
Not long after, he sprung out of his bedroom and ran through the forest. he didn’t know why he was doing this, but it just felt right. Soon, Nicholas found a temple, but not just any temple, it was a Temple of Ares. Nicholas felt a warm, comforting feeling come over him as he walked through the abandoned temple. At the center of the temple, a man stood, presenting an intimidating and slightly scary posture. Despite this, Nicholas approached the man. The figure laughed and put a hand on Nicholas’ shoulder. “My son, we finally meet.”

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