My Dream to Become a Chemical Engineer

Published: 2021-06-17 09:53:50
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The most phenomena around us can explained by the interactions of principles of chemistry and physics, described in mathematical equations; and that the aim of an engineer is to use these principles innovatively to work to increase efficiency, reduce cost and ultimately, improve quality of life. I would really like to learn more about these interactions and principles, their impact and applications in the pharm industry, through a course in chemical engineering.
My greatest inspiration was and continues to be, my maternal grandfather, Amar Lulla. During his decades heading the pharma company Cipla, his work impacted lives across continents. Among other things, he was instrumental in bringing antiretrovirals to AIDS patients in Africa, for under a dollar a day! His amazing legacy of bringing affordable, quality healthcare to people is being carried forward by my parents. They are passionate about reviving Traditional Indian medicine or Ayurveda in a scientific and clinically tested format. They founded a company that has revolutionized Ayurveda in India. These safe, efficacious, internationally patented products, under the brand name “Amarntha Ayurveda” are researched and formulated in our unique state of the art herbal R&D facility.During summer internships at the lab, where I made creams and tablets under supervision in our pilot plant, I gained insight into the manufacturing process. I was able to see the practical application of concepts like heat transfer while using the fluid bed dryer. Assisting the analysts, who use the HPLC and HPTLC to qualify & quantify the presence of active marker compounds in extracts, brought to life the concepts of extraction and distillation. These stints have made me eager to learn about process development, reaction engineering, scale up and other complex processes through which a new compound is taken, making it a clinically viable medicine.
Having studied and excelled at chemistry, maths and physics in school, I found topics like stoichiometry, calculus and … The rigorous IIT entrance exam prep I’ve undergone for the last 2 yrs has given me the discipline to work long hours, the skill to identify patterns and is honing my ability to attack & solve complex problems in a short time. I enjoy being challenged and I’m a fast learner. I work independently
having seen many UKMHRA and USFDA facilities, my dream is to become a chemical engineer and to bring that technology and expertise into our business by designing and running manufacturing plants with cutting edge technology. I hope to use the knowledge gained to increase efficiency and reduce cost. I believe that an education from your college, with such a globally highly rated chemical engineering program, will more than enable me to do this.
Various leadership roles in school, from heading projects to captaining the cricket team, have taught me to work well with others and contribute effectively. I enjoy participating in academic and extracurricular activities. I am preparing for my grade 5 Trinity drum kit exam and am a decent off spin bowler!
I would be a valuable addition equally to a discussion, club, team or society. I bring with me a strong set of values and a strong desire to carry forward my family legacy of making a difference in someone’s life through our work.

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