My Decision to Become a Police Officer

Published: 2021-06-17 10:08:48
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My biggest decision when coming to college was whether to go to community college for two years or go to Stockton for all four years. The plan was always to go to community first then transfer because it was cheaper. I finally made the decision to come Stockton for the entire four years. I applies to many schools, but the only one that I cared about was Stockton. I plan to only live at Stockton for my first year so this will be the most expensive year. The total for four years at Stockton will be $63,632. I am fortunate enough that my parents offered to pay for my first year only. That takes off $24,404 my debt including the housing, tuition, and meal plan. My remaining debt will be $39,228. Hopefully I can get some scholarships in the mix because doing all this math made me realize that is a lot of money. It says that the average in the U.S. is $30,100. Mine is slightly greater, but too much. For New Jersey, the average is $28,318 which is about ten thousand less than mine is. For Stockton University alone, the average debt is $33,543 which is slightly less than mine.
The first thing I want to do with my life is try my best to become a police officer. After using the website to search it, the first thing that pops up is orange letters telling you there is a bright outlook, which is a good thing. The world is always going to need law to regulate and maintain order. Using the website, I learned so much information about a police officer that interests me more than it did. Some of their tasks include identifying, pursuing, and arresting criminals, maintaining order, responding to emergencies, protecting people and property, enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws, etc. Skills include active listening, speaking, critical thinking, and monitoring. Activities for an officer include responding to emergency for assistance and administering first-aid. I have such high respect for police officers and would like to be one. They carry handcuffs and handguns and use notebook computers and radios. Knowledge wanted includes public safety/security, law and government, the English language, and psychology. Training is from one to two years, both on the job training and informal training with workers. Some characteristics that are good for police officers include integrity, dependability, self-control, attention to detail, and stress tolerance. They spend most of their time in their patrol vehicles. A college degree is recommended. The median salary in the United States is $58,320 annually. The median salary in New Jersey is $93,590. I want to know why that is such a big difference.
I am also thinking about working as an agent for the FBI after evolving a police career for some years. I watched all the shows growing up. Now I know that it is completely different from that, but knowing what it actually is and still wanting to do it means something. The website does not have FBI specifically, but does have criminal investigator and special agents. Some of their duties are to prepare reports that detail investigation findings, obtain and verify evidence needed, and identify case issues and evidence needed. Knowledge wanted for this position include law and government, public safety, and personal service.
Activities for an agent include getting information, making decisions, solving problems, documenting and recording information. Training for this career can be anywhere from one to two years, and related experience is always welcome. For the FBI, you must have work experience because they like older, mature agents. Some characteristics include self-control, attention to detail, and many of the same patrol officers have, some skills include critical thinking, being a good listener, problem solving, and speaking. A college degree is recommended. The median wages in the United States $77,210 annually. The New Jersey median wage is $100,850 annually. This one did not have a symbol meaning it does not have a bright outlook.
Looking at these careers, I feel as if I will be able to pay off my college debt, hopefully sooner than later. These two careers are not low at all when it comes to salary and I know there will be bills and responsibilities to pay but I feel as if I can still live a comfortable life. The biggest debt in America is student debt. It trumps credit debt of all the Americans. That blows my mind. It has become so expensive to come to school. The thing that gets me is good careers want and need people with a college education which does not come cheap.

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