The Cost of Enjoyment of the Modern Life

Published: 2021-06-17 09:58:05
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Man has overcome the hurdle of natural disaster to win a comfortable living for himself and others around him. This journey of gradual progression took hundreds of years, but their passion to achieve and attain the same was relentless. In the past the cave man or those who used to live in the bank of the mighty rivers like Tigris, Euphrates, Huang He, Nile etc. learn to live collectively and in-group. In these primitive forms of societies, life was solitary, poor, nasty or even brutish and short, for practice of private vengeance and violent self-help among themselves was rampant.
Nowadays living in the 21st century of modern capitalistic society is not like as it used to be in the past, and the intrinsic beauty of such living lies in the fact that ‘there are no limits’, one get out as much as he wants to put in, be that in work, investment or efforts whatever may be. It provides one the opportunity to go as far as he wants; literally speaking the sky is the limit! Thus, capitalism allows one to hit and miss, or hit and get as many times as someone wants. Criticism lies against it is that rich is likely be getting even richer and poor may end up getting poorer. However, how can one deny that “it is what it is”, I mean to say that society and the social system is a process of natural selection or elimination, only the strong/abled would able to make it to the surface, others will automatically be eliminated or perish- the survival of the fittest!In fact, modern lifestyle is the human daily work and their uses on the material things that they eat or live with them and anything that make them feel comfortable by using them. It has an impact on one’s way of life, attitude, values and the knowledge on the world. Other persons can easily ascertain one’s lifestyle by seeing his dressing, way of talking and so more. However, winning a modern lifestyle and enjoying all modern amenities cost than quite a lot not in terms of money only, but they have to sustain liability for others around them who indirectly help them to be in the comfort zone that they prefer to remain. In this process, some peculiar tortious liability is always hanging on top of every man.
Usually, a man is liable for all consequences of his wrongful act, which he intended, as well as for the natural and probable consequences of his act(s), that is those, which, as a reasonable man, he ought to have foreseen. Thus, if the wrong complained of, or is a consequence as a reasonable man might foresee would follow from the defendant’s act, the law infers that he either intended it, or recklessly put aside the risk of some such consequence ensuing. Moreover, there are intriguing cases where liability in tort is independent of mental condition of the wrongdoer, (either intention or negligence) commonly known as ‘liability without fault’ (that falls under three classes of strict liability).
Peculiarity of such liability lies in the fact that a person becomes liable without there being any fault on his part and the wrong arises from the breach of an absolute duty—-a duty which renders a man liable without any fault of his and irrespective of any consideration of intention or negligence. It is absolute, meaning thereby that it is not necessary for the injured party to prove any intention or negligence on the part of the injuring party, and no amount of care and caution spent/expended by the latter to prevent the damage done to the former will excuse him.
The above tortious liability is the outcome of men’s desire to enjoy modern living and enable to have the same, and in fact, the cost that a man will have to bear or sustain (for not being personally guilty or having intention to do the wrong or negligent). Frankly speaking, not only under the legal regime of Bangladesh, but also it is a ‘common standard’ across different legal system of the world. Therefore, these principles of law are there for man to embrace or confront with his way of modern living.

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