Millennial and Hospitality Industry

Published: 2021-06-17 10:15:20
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Have you ever thought about how hospitality industry is broad and which sectors are there in that? Hospitality industry includes all about service: starting from transportation and accommodation to everything that involve customer service. Unlike the other industry, it is people-centric industry where only customers (consumers, guests) are dominant and have ability everyone in the business to get trouble simply by spending their own money somewhere else. On the other side, attracting, maintaining and most of the process are done according to the quality of service, amenities provided by that hotel.
According to James Cash Penney, “Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement”. 2.0 Millennial & Tourism Nowadays, because of higher competitiveness in work environment, people get stressed more than the older days and workplace are mostly occupied by millennials. Millennials are those who born in between 1977s and 2000s. They are employees or children of Boomers generations in general. Millennials expect not only work-life balance but also work, life, community involvement and personal development from their job. They are work-smart and play-hard people who seeking for fun time and do travelling most during their free time by separating work and social life. (Rossouw, 2018) They prefer to get new experiences from new destinations where they have never visited before, fully immerse into new cultures of that destination they visit, and do adventures at there. They are the good market for tourism as they willing to spend money on travel as long as that is worthwhile and something left for them. 3.0 Impacts of Millennial Traveling in Hotels Unlike the older days when most of travel are for the purpose of business or family vacation, nowadays, because of millennials, tourism becomes booming into many sectors such as health, beauty, special interest, adventure and recreation, and so on. Young adults, millennials are travelling most to many different destinations from different countries individually, or by group of friends or with partners. Because of growing tourism market, accommodation sectors become advanced and have more options to choose according to budget: starting from backpackers’ hostels, guesthouses to luxury 5-stars hotels all over the world. While there is still market for organized tour package with luxury hotels, at the same time, more and more number of millennials become looking for economy options such as self-organized plan with budget airline, cheap hotels from Online Travel Agents websites (OAT), or customized niche market where itineraries are drawn according to their own interest and needs. Market competition between hotels become more and more dynamic and intense with competitive prices along with unique and innovated customer service offers. Usage of social media platforms in branding and marketing becomes essential. Since smartphones, internet and social media dominate most of millennails’ daily lifestyles, they are used to generate emotional connection and engagement with potential guests. Advance from that, mainly 5-stars hotel starting to create their own mobile application and loyalty programs in order to provide efficient and unique experience by following the technology trends.

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