Losing the Notion of Time

Published: 2021-06-17 10:15:10
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Why is it that whenever we travel we feel so great? Is it the unique experiences like climbing up the Great Wall of China? Is it getting the chance to escape from our daily lives in order to heal and rest our mind? Is it having the opportunity to learn about different cultures and making lifelong friends? Or is there a deeper explanation for why we long to travel so much? It often feels as if life would be worthless without travelling and expanding our mind. So much that we find ourselves consumed by wanderlust, but why does this happen? Whether you’re travelling all over Europe, exploring the Great Pyramids of Giza, going on a safari in Africa or simply parting on a road trip, traveling is set to evoke a feeling of happiness within us. There’s an indescribable joy that comes with leaving our homes and voyaging all over the globe. Having the opportunity to break a routine, step out of your comfort zone, experience the man-made wonders of the world, make new friends and go through a social media detox are all reasons behind this unexplainable joy, but personally for me it all comes down to the learning experience.
Travel is able to further our knowledge. No matter where you go, there’s always an endless amount of information you can learn. All which helps you adopt a worldly perspective. There is such a cultural diversity in our world and traveling allows you to learn in ways that textbooks aren’t able to. Travelling allows me to personally experience new cultures. It exposes me to different colors, languages, sights, smells, sounds, and people. Observing how other people live can truly be eye opening. You are able to comprehend why they act like they do and learn to accept them instead of judging them for what makes them different. Our culture contributes in shaping the way we think and it is what leads us to think so differently from one another, and that alone simply amazes me. Being able to travel and personally experience different cultures broadens my perspective of the world and makes feel as if I am part of something bigger than myself which is the same feeling Science evokes in me.Humans are curious by nature. Whether we are faced by something that puzzles us or simply lured by a certain topic, we are constantly feeling an urge to learn. Because of the way humans are hardwired we are regularly trying to better our comprehension of the world by experiencing it with all our five senses. Science is a tool we use in order to comprehend the natural world. Just like traveling, Science produces a feeling of unexplainable joy within me. Since kindergarten, my teacher was able to determine that I had a passion for science within me. Anything related to Science will immediately capture the attention of all of the neurons in my brain. I find it all so interesting and compelling that I often find myself so immersed and lost in the joy of what I’m doing that I lose all notion of time. Being able to clone endangered species, use stem cells in order to treat cancer, hunt for planets similar to Earth, and genetically modifying plants to glow in the dark, etc., is all so impressive. Through Science we are able to improve the world and I can’t wait to make my own contribution to humanity as whole.

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