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Published: 2021-06-17 09:59:32
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I wouldn’t argue with you if you tell me I don’t know all about life,of course i don’t but it would be tough for me to believe you if you tell me I don’t know anything about life,if you tell me i don’t know what it takes to be celebrated, maybe I will consider you as a liar.
What haven’t we done, while some others play away their time and sleep away their nights , joke away their day, some of us were busy thinking and searching for answers,desperately looking for what is missing in our own lives, we were humble and sincere enough with ourselves to know something was missing in our lives , building empires in our minds , it has become our own burning desire to be different, we just had this uncontrollable hunger to lead,It was our passion,our life,it is an hunger that can’t be quenched,we wanted the best from life, it wasn’t our fault ,it was because we understood our place in God’s kingdom, after all, what is the the beauty of living if we just come and go,
I hated to be normal, and I still with hate it with all of my life, to be like everyone who lived ,others can come to this earth ,waste away their lives, their potentials, it’s OK but I made a covenant in God to turn the table around and become a force in this world . There is this fire in my bones that i want to let out. I can’t just keep calm.
I’m just not convenient with mediocrity. I knew there was more to living and i was ready to do anything to get answers, So I began to search and I desperately searched, still searching, “what exactly separates men into cadres”.
I had this phobia for been small, and I hated the idea of been a mere man and I can’t just imagine myself to be like one of them.
Believe me, I will choose death to mediocrity, I will choose starvation to mediocrity…I know there are many young people out there building a future for themselves, it’s only a matter of time, our desires will soon gain body before us, and if you haven’t found what you’re living for at this age and time,there is big trouble.
When we are done and we come out fully ,men will be unable to deny that we have the answers to life difficulties.
I have found something under the earth about living but I can’t tell you ,sometimes somethings are better understood when we come into them by experience of pains and hardwork. ,i can only pray that the Lord bring to your challenges that will squeeze and set you on your toes. May God grant you understanding. ????
Is anyone ready to rise, challenge yourself ! Let the world feel the fire burning within you.

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