How We Determine a Masterpiece and Its Canons

Published: 2021-06-17 09:45:02
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Ed Sheeran defines what a masterpiece is in his song “Perfect”. Whether it be in a relationship, a song or that spaghetti you made last week, I believe a masterpiece is something I can see no type of flaw in it whatsoever. It is something that is created with dedication, time, thought and intention. For example, in my drum corps, I see my young drumline playing their instruments and know that all the practice, discipline, and knowledge is worth its weight in gold. The different cadences that we practice would be the masterpieces. Hearing them playing together as a family, as a cohesive unit, listening to the notes being struck together in unison is what I would personally define as a masterpiece.
Canon is a word that we hear that has so many different meanings. I would define canon as a collection of my work. For instance, I have been a part of a drumline for the better part of my life. We have spent so many hours practicing in different types of weather. Regardless if it is raining or the sun is blazing in our faces, we have always found a way to practice together. Once we practice together, I would then practice by myself in the comfort of my home. All the hours of me practicing, whether it be by my lonesome or with the rest of the drumline, the practice, which would be the canon, all led up the masterpiece which to me is the performances. Correct me if I am wrong, but to me, the context between canon and masterpiece would be the one contains the other.I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What I deem as beautiful, the next person may not share the same opinion as I do. It all boils down to what my personal preference is. Music is one of the primary examples of what comes to mind when I think a masterpiece should be. There are many individuals who think country is a horrible genre of music. They think it sounds depressing and it has no substance, if you will. Being a fan of country music, I believe the total opposite. Majority of country music comes from the life experiences that an individual will go through. Whether it be a bad break up, the lyrics of the song, their outfits being their hats and their boots or even their way of life and what they grew up doing, or just having a great time hanging out with their friends and family, these are examples would be the canons to their masterpieces.
To wrap everything up, the importance of who determines a masterpiece or its canons matter because of preferences and diversity. Culture is one of the main reasons we have so many different innovative advantages in the world today. If everyone were to think like me and not have their own opinion, we as a people would not be progressing forward. The world would then be defined only by my opinion, my will and my preference.

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