How the Mainstream Media News Industry Works

Published: 2021-06-17 10:14:25
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The mainstream media is of great source influence in today’s people lives. Every keystroke holds thousands of words which is very impactful, it shows the power of the news and the journalist because it will highly affect the perspective of the viewers. Being at the authority of providing the news to the consumers comes with a great deal of responsibility and professionalism, which means the news should be informative and objective without any personal benefits. But it is very rare to find a news without being biased. Many news in North American countries aside being informative do show their bias side by supporting one side of the story. It leads to the degradation of the news quality and illustrates the unrealistic nature of the issue to the audience. Mainstream media companies exist not just to make money but to also keep the society informed and they can achieve both of their goals side by side.
It would not be wrong to say that one of the purposes of the mainstream media news is economic benefits. Like other businesses, the news industry also put their profit as their first priority. Due to the number of competition with other news channels for gaining the audience, mainstream media opt the way of publishing the most appealing news so they can attract the viewers towards them. They can succeed their target by publishing the most trending topic with an eye-catching heading line or any emotional story so that people can follow. Because the news media companies know the fact that by having the larger number of the audiences they will earn the trust of the people and become popular enough that their news would always be considered as fact after publishing. One of the paths which news media choose to get money is by publishing magazines on daily basis or monthly and most importantly broadcasting commercial breaks during the news which will engross the viewers till the next segment. The commercial breaks and the cost of selling the magazines are very high and beneficial for the company that is why the mainstream media would never want to lose their consumers. They would always try to make the content which will benefit them and especially their sponsors so that they can always keep their good tie with them.
But we should never ignore one of the important work the mainstream media do- spreading awareness among people by the news. It is highly appreciating because in today’s world there is always something is happening around the world whether good or bad. It would be really hard to get updated without the mainstream media because they always keep the viewers informed about the world latest issue. They provide news from different categories such as entertainment, news, business religion, and trends. This all content covers the entire worldwide news. Mainstream media not just only keep the viewers updated with issues but also have some educational purposes too, for example, different TV shows teaching about the different things like parenting, diseases and prevention, education and many more.
Whenever a news channel or journalist become famous there is a high chance of it that they get involved in corruption in order to get money. For example, during the federal or municipal election, mainstream media always support their favorite political party because they know that in future they will always help in time of need and to get money from them. By reading their bias article, the viewers get manipulated and finds it very hard to vote for the deserving candidate.
With mainstream media having authority to deliver the news about the government and their policies without any censorship is very beneficial to the civilians. In countries such as Canada and United State of America journalists have rights to publish the news to the people about what is going on parliament and also have the right to share their point of views about the government decisions which helps the people to have the better understanding of the situation and to know both the benefits and the drawback of the government policies. By knowing the fact that somebody is watching them very closes it is most likely the government tries to control their activities and avoid getting involved in corruption or any other policies that involve the nation comfort at risk because they know that the media is following them and they would be answerable by the end of the day.
In the conclusion, mainstream media is very influential and their opinion is very impactful to the viewers. News media do there both jobs such as providing the news and marketing at the same time without leaving one behind. They do some of the tasks in order to get more sponsor for their news channel but it is also true in order to run their news company a large amount of money is required so that they should make use of better equipment and invest on shows which are entraining and interesting. Mainstream media is just not limited to newspaper or radio but nowadays there are different news applications where people can just look through it without bothering to buys newspaper and it is very convenient way of knowing what is going around.

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