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Published: 2021-06-17 09:46:55
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The internship has proven to be quite a new experience in its entirety. Only having ever worked at the family business Georgetown animal hospital, just working somewhere different was a new experience in itself. Being in an environment that not only was new, but also in the human services field provided a chance to grow and learn new things. What was done at the Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council (DCRAC) mostly consists of designing the work for group home children. Never having any previous experience in doing such a task, it required a lot of self-reliance and figuring out. Upon coming to its completion, the workshop shows promise, and is something that can be used repeatedly at different organizations that work with the intended population.
What has the experience meant to the student and the major learning acquired? What new skills and abilities were developed during this experience? The experience has proven to demonstrate what paths one can take in the human services field, along with teaching one what skills come naturally to the student and how those skills can be applied in the field. The process of interning allows a student to figure out where they fit and where they do not, by letting them find out what they like doing and what they do not. It has provided the opportunity to discover certain skills come naturally to the student and how they could possibly put more effort in honing so they reach their fullest potential. Discovering how to contribute to people in need, and finding a way to show that they`re not alone in their struggles is something that has become truly important. Also through this experience, the ability to put together a workshop template that can address a certain issue has been gained.How have you changed? Helping people has always been something that was important, but since taking this internship, it has been become more than just an idea. Through creating something as simple as a workshop, it has shown that there are people who have a need and they just require someone to find a solution. There are many out in the world that have a variety of needs that are not being met, and one just has to look for these dilemmas. Confidence in oneself has been grained through the experience, and a belief that making a difference can be more than just an idea.
What are your strengths/weaknesses? Personal strengths that were drawn upon during the internship, and while working on the workshop, include self-reliance, creativity, curiosity, and perseverance. Personal weaknesses include occasional self-doubt, and a lack of experience in dealing with large groups of individuals. Although, despite lack of skill in dealing with large groups, the skill of listening has been honed, along with patience and compassion. Some of the main traits of an effective human services worker are empathy, unconditional positive regard for others, open-mindedness, and genuineness, which are also practiced.
What are the student’s feelings about working with people, working with this population? People are what make up communities, which in turn make up societies, and working together with people allows that society to prosper. There are those in society that don`t have the means to contribute to the best of his/her abilities, and that is where members of the human services field come in. The field provides aid to members of society so that it can flourish as a whole. DCRAC serves individuals from a variety of generations, but mostly individuals whose ages ranging from thirty-five to fifty-five. Although helping people of any age group is enjoyable, but specifically helping children, who are between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, would be ideal.
How has this experience impacted the student`s future plans/direction? Plans for future have always included some form of counseling, and after participating in this internship, that is still the intended goal. After researching about foster children, the idea of working in a group home sounds like it could possibly be an exciting opportunity, although there are many different settings that are of interest. While specializing in this age group is a guarantee, the setting is not. Although creating the workshop has been an enlightening experience, it`s not something that would be considered a long-term goal. Rather than creating something that would be presented only once to a select audience and then completed, the next internship would hopefully involve something that requires more day-to-day care with individuals.

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