Food Truck Business in Asia

Published: 2021-06-17 09:48:59
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Nowadays, a food truck business is a countless approach to inflate current cafeteria transactions or disruption hooked on the global fast food industry. Although, environment is very highly competitive and uprising difficult to differentiate one food truck from another. The Bangkok is first largest city of Thailand, very jam-packed and lots of tourists are visiting in every day. There are lots of tourist fascination places especially night markets. Night markets in Bangkok are very jam-packed and most popular, it can find delicious food, local cuisine, variety of stuffs, clothing, etc. For food section, they sell with truck and make attraction for both local and tourist.
Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce wants to promote food truck which provides with reasonable price, healthful and hygiene food in Bangkok. The food truck movement is only just starting to take roots in Bangkok, despite the deep relationship of the city with street food. A lot of Bangkok food truck are focusing on Western cuisine, bringing in American, French, Mexican style street food to locals and providing extraordinary experience to expats and tourists, taking an affirmation from the cradle of the food truck trend. Ascertaining many food trucks in Bangkok, by means of the vehicles to supply meals to the corporate man has been the latest trend of Bangkok’s new culture of food trucks. Most of international style food trucks are selling hamburgers, pizza, French fries, fried chicken, steak, ice-cream, etc.Asian Mother is a locally preserved fast food truck that will be arranged as a local wide (Bangkok) as an international standard thru our innovative approach to the valuable customers. Asian mother will offer a combination of excellent food at value pricing with international quality with Asian taste and Asian atmosphere. In Bangkok, it can available those kind of food at restaurants beside classy. Asian Mother is the solution to high demand for snack type and flavors which is mixed with American and Asian fast food. People can buy and eat here as walking around when they are in Bangkok night markets. Asian Mother food truck will be selling main dish is hamburger patties with fresh beef, pork and chicken, French fries is free to serve and papaya salad, Burmese dessert and drinks. There will be two sizes for customer which are one-bite size and normal size for all burgers.
It will start at two crowded night markets at first, signature Asian Mother burgers price will start with one-bite is 25 baht per each, normal will start with 120 baht per each. Three years later, it will expand in another night markets, then after next three years later, it has to plan to expand at high schools and universities to deliver our delicious, healthy and hygiene high quality fast food. In this report, in order to open the Asian Mother, the researcher will draw a detail plan for Asian Mother Food Truck which will included business description with vision, mission and objectives, industry analysis by using with theoretical frameworks, management plan, marketing plan, operation plan and financial plan.

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