Five Reasons to Visit Menorca

Published: 2021-06-17 10:15:39
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In Menorca you will not find a single high-rise building because the whole island is a nature reserve. Here time flows slowly, as if luxuriant under the rays of the gentle sun, and the sky and the sea are so piercingly azure that you do not understand where one ends and another begins. It’s a piece of paradise on earth, to which you will certainly want to return, once there.
The unique nature
Menorca is probably the only island whose entire territory is considered a reserve. It is inhabited by the rarest representatives of fauna, and the plant world pleases the eye with an abundance of lush greenery and flowering plants. The landscape of the island pleases with the play of contrasts: here you and the plains, and deep ravines, and bays, and the broad meadows adjoin the most real rocky desert. For tourists, even develop special routes to get as close as possible to the unique nature of the island. Beaches
Here the traveler will discover another pleasant feature of the island: on the beaches of Menorca, even in the high season you will not see crowds of tourists from all over the world. Perhaps the reason is the proximity of the busier Majorca and Ibiza, but it’s the lack of people who make Menorca an ideal place for a relaxing holiday. About 120 beaches (and this is more than the above-mentioned islands, combined!) Allow you to choose the rest of the soul: you can retire among the sand dunes in the south of the island (in Son Bou, for example), and you can go to more “populated” beaches on to the north, such as Kaya-Anna and Kaya-Galdana. If you want peace and quiet, then the island has a lot of wild beaches, hidden from strangers in secluded coves. True, it is necessary to get there by sea, but the efforts will pay off with magnificent landscapes and complete solitude in the bosom of nature. Also worth noting are Menorca beaches like Es-Grau (located near the orbital park of Albufera), Cavalieri and Cala Pilar (here you have to go on foot, but on a scenic road through oak groves and dunes).
Rich history
Menorca is not without reason called an open-air museum: there are so many sights and antiquities on the island that it’s right to feel like Indiana Jones, who went in search of another treasure. Mysterious stone pyramids (the so-called “ships of the dead”), which – just think! – even older than Egyptian ones, the castle of Santa Agueda, with its chapel opening stunning views, lighthouses, caves with rock paintings near the village of Cales-Coves and the tomb of Navea-des-Tudons, which today became a museum of antiquities – is only a small part of what will strike you are an island. Take a stroll through the ancient streets of Mahon, the former capital of the island, admire the palaces and picturesque white houses in the shade of palm trees and fig trees and feel the story come to life literally at every turn.
The locals are great lovers of horses and excellent riders. Probably, therefore, there are so many holidays on the island dedicated to noble animals. One of them is Equine Fiesta, which is celebrated in late August. Local residents dressed in black and white costumes on horseback, decorated with ribbons and flowers, compete in the skill of riding and arrange whole performances to determine the best rider. The spectacle is very colorful and alive! Another “horse” day – Fiesta de San Joan is celebrated in June a whole week. On this day, the island’s riders go out to the streets of the city to demonstrate their skills, horse races are organized. And it’s also a chance to see ancient ritual equestrian exercises that have existed since the Middle Ages. Also in August, you can visit the horse festival in St. Louis, where you not only can attend the equestrian fair, but also get a riding lesson. Of other holidays, it is worth mentioning Carmen – a festival and a holiday dedicated to sailors and everyone who works in the sea. It is often noted in coastal cities and towns, but the city of Mahon is considered the center of the Carmen festival.
The taste of Menorca
Culinary traditions of the island are no less diverse than he. Although the cuisine of Menorca is considered Mediterranean, it carries the features of Greek, Italian, and even English and African! Here you should definitely try seafood dishes (for example, stewed lobster soup, Caldera soup with lobster or Arros de Peix, soup with rice and tomato), and also try the “Maon” cheese, salty with a light sharp note, and fig bread (pan de higo), which is often eaten with cheese, washed down with delicious sherry. But from desserts you should pay attention to local patties: “cocarries” with meat, fish or vegetable filling and spicy “format-hases” with cheese and cinnamon.
The most convenient way to get to the island of Menorca is to fly to Majorca and from there by ferry or an internal flight.

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