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Published: 2021-06-17 10:15:35
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Traveling is more like a luxury thing in a modern world, even though it is getting convenient and comfortable day by day. The middle-class person may find it difficult to travel to his/her favorite destination, but now you can visit the eight best places around the globe through affordable flights. Wondering? Check out about these places, and plan a trip this year to the most beautiful sceneries of the world.
Addis Ababa
Do you know about Ethiopia? If yes, then you also familiar with the capital of the beautiful country. Yeah, I am talking about Addis Ababa, it is a commercial and cultural hub for Ethiopia. You can travel through comfortable and cheap flights to Addis Ababa from anywhere in the world.Addis Ababa founded by Ethiopian Emperor, Menelik, in 1892, and it is the universe’s third highest capital city at 2400 meters. The land has another name, Arabica coffee because the country has a lot of it there. Different modes of coffee distribution like cafes, traditional style stalls in the restaurants and bar, and women with thermos flasks walking in the streets are all worth trying.
A lot of things that make Ethiopia’s capital worth seeing and trying like one of the fascinating truths about the place is that the local or native people love to dance regardless of their age. You can imagine their passion towards dance that they even can turn any location of the country into the dance-floor. Isn’t it intriguing you to immediately take a flight and land on that lovely place? If yes, then don’t be late!
Ghana’s capital, Accra, is the largest city of the country with a population of 2.27 million in 2012. The mesmerizing beauty of the city will leave you in awe as the city has glittering beaches, museums, galleries, monumental buildings, libraries, the traditional style markets, and a cozy nightlife. If you’ve already started planning a trip to the place, then search out the affordable or cheap flights to Accra, and you will get many results on the internet.
The lively capital of Ghana has excellent shopping spots and eating options that you can love. The National Museum of Accra is worth seeing a place in the city as it exhibits the heritage of Ghana from the pre-historic to the modern era. Another appealing place is the National Theatre, which is grabbing the attention of tourists because of its contemporary architecture.
No doubt that Accra is one of the best and affordable destinations for vacations that you won’t be disappointed after visiting the city.
Another tourist place for you is Harare, which is the capital of Zimbabwe and the massive economy booster for the country because of tourism. All you can do is to check the list of affordable and cheap flights to Harare International Airport from the internet, and that’s it. The rates of flights may differ from region to region or from country to country, so choose according to your affordability.
Harare is quite beautiful as compared to other African capitals because of its dusty reddish earth, indigenous plants, museums, craft market, and many more. The top sights in Harare are National Heroes’ Acre, Delta Gallery, National Botanic Gardens, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, and National Archives of Zimbabwe.
The capital city of Zimbabwe has a good choice of eating options as it has local hotels as well as multi-cultural cuisines, where you get mouth-watering dishes. The beauty of the place can’t explain in few words, but one thing is clear that Harare is a must visit a city.
Nairobi is a well-known city and capital of Kenya. It is also famous by the name Safari capital of Africa because it is an energetic and modern place. Two best worth seeing things over there is its wildlife and nightlife. Many websites on the internet that will guide you about the less expensive or cheap flights to Nairobi, all you can do is to give your information, and you will get the details about affordable Airlines. Nairobi is a place you couldn’t afford to skip, and you should try to be there at least for once in your lifetime.
The worth seeing places are Karura Forest, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Giraffe Centre, Karen Blixen Museum, Kenyatta International Conference Center, Brown’s Cheese Factory & Farm, The Hub Karen, African Heritage House, and many more.
Nairobi is the largest tea producer in the world, and it is the leading foreign exchange earner for Kenya. The city has an East Indian community, and its street-food is popular in the world. There is many more to know about Nairobi, so grab your tickets and land on the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, and see the beautiful life with your eyes.
Freetown is a port city and a capital of Sierra Leone in West Africa, which is well-known because of its mesmerizing beaches and its vital part in the historic transatlantic slave trade. Though Freetown is not like other vocational destinations, the city is still worth seeing because of its intriguing history and deep vibrancy. Many of the streets are bare and quiet most of the times, but the churches along that streets have open doors with suited women and men.
The center of attention in Freetown is the Cotton Tree from the beginning. Sierra Leone is a self-governing country of freed slaves, and the Cotton Tree is the heart of the history as well as the modern city. The atmosphere of the Freetown is beautifully weird like it is always colorful, hectic but not threatening, and homely. The tropical fruit is the best thing to eat on the land, and if you want to taste it, then get details about the inexpensive or cheap flights to Freetown and be there to feel the city from the core of your heart.
Lagos is the energetic and ancient capital city of Nigeria, which location is at the Western Algarve coastline. It is the truth that mornings in African countries are not as charming and pristine as in developed countries, because you to run for your survival right when you open your eyes. However, the situation in Lagos isn’t that serious as the people of the city are hard-working, industrious, and fun. You can acquire many unique things from them like their lifestyle, liveliness, cultural aspects, etc.
Many Airlines would love to take you with their packages of reasonable and cheap flights to Lagos, where you could be able to see one of the largest cities in West Africa with the population of over 20 million.
The capital of Nigeria has two sides; the city (Mainland) and the Island. The prominent sights in Lagos are Epe, Ikeja, Yaba, Surulere, Ikorodu, Ikoyi, and Victoria Island. The last place is also the financial center of Lagos. Go and explore the city, and make your trip memorable.
The second largest sub-Saharan African city is Kinshasa, also known as Kin. It spreads widely from the banks of the Congo River to the city’s towns. The life of Congolese is not going as well as compared to the other countries or cities in the advanced world, but they have many more to experience in the city.
The top sights in Kinshasa are Congo River, Ma Vallee, National Museum, Le Premier Shopping Mall, Kinshasa University, Bars & Clubs, and more. If you want to witness the colorful nightlife in the city, then get any of the cheap flights to Kinshasa and stay at least three to four days to experience life in Congo with your eyes. You will enjoy the musical centers in the city but always go to bars or clubs in a group as you could trap by scammers.
Banjul is the capital of Gambia, which is another African country facing and fighting against the evil monsters of poverty, low per capita income, and other necessities. The metropolis is, however, a considerably small city with a bustling market in urban Africa. Banjul lies on sulks and island that passed by sandy streets and dotted with pioneer structures.
It urges visitors to know about the history of the city. If you’re already making plans to go to the Gambia and its capital, then start searching out the cheap flights to Banjul that can take you to there with less money and more comfort, and I’m confident that there will be many Airlines that can do it with pleasure.
The sights in Banjul are Albert Market, Arch 22, National Museum, Old Town, and St. Joseph’s Adult Education & Skills Centre. You will see many chop shops that are serving affordable plates of rice with sauce near the Albert Market. If you want to buy anything for you and your loved ones, go again to the market (Albert) where you will find the different collection of souvenirs.
Before to go to any African country, you need to get vaccinated from diseases like Measles, Yellow fever, Malaria, etc.

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