Creating Inspiring Worlds of Words

Published: 2021-06-17 09:33:05
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Words have the power to shape the world and to change one’s thoughts and perceptions. The words we utter or write can empower anyone. This belief sprung from what I learned through the significant events I experienced as a young teenager and a high school student and it was what made me desire to inspire others through writing. A few years back, my young 13-year-old self would only see a hazy path ahead of her. But now as a 17-year-old woman, I could understand who I really am and direct myself to the path I want to take in life through these experiences.
In a book signing event in 2015, I remember I was waiting tiredly but excitedly for eight hours to meet Kiera Cass, my favorite author who wrote books that empower women. Other than the joy of meeting my idol, this event made me see that books could bring people together. I saw girls of different ages, physical attributes, races, thoughts, and feelings interacting with one another during those long hours of waiting even if they did not know each other before. Kiera Cass’s books are well-loved because they changed how the readers perceive women, that they are capable human beings who can achieve anything regardless of socioeconomic status as long as they work hard for it and stand up for what they believe in. Thus I understood that books are not just words put together to tell stories, they are exciting and stimulating worlds created by authors. I realized through this experience that I also want to create worlds that would bring readers together no matter how diverse they may be. This event opened my eyes to my passion for writing and stirring thoughts and emotions through inspiring words.Another important experience I had was when I participated in tutorial programs in the Brookside community and in Balara Elementary School in 2014 and 2016, respectively. Together with some classmates, I taught basic English to young and curious children from less fortunate families. Aside from teaching them basic English words, we shared with them educational short stories for children that made them aware that there’s a whole world out there different from what they are familiar with. I recall most of them told me that they want to be teachers when they grow up so that they can teach children how to read and write. Through these educational programs I participated in, I realized the importance and impact of providing the youth with knowledge that would enable them to dream of achieving bigger things. This made me recognize my strong sense of service to others, especially the youth, since the future lies in their hands. I want to help these children through writing books that would inspire them to reach for the stars no matter how impossible it may be.
Although I have been a consistent honor awardee in school, I realized that grades and academic achievements do not fully define me. These experiences inspired me to be the best version of myself and to keep on enhancing my writing skills. In the future, I want to inspire, guide and motivate other people, especially the youth, through my writings. If I am hopefully admitted to Ateneo de Manila University, I can hone my skills and expose myself to new opportunities to become a talented writer.

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