Creating a Holistic Integrated "Curriculum" for the Future in Education and Mankind

Published: 2021-06-17 09:40:57
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Holistic education is a humanist pedagogy centered on the student and interested, above all, in his training and development as a person, in his relationship with himself and also, as a being in society, in his relationship with others and with the planet. In addition, it incorporates the secular spiritual aspect, which has not been considered by other pedagogical currents. It is the pedagogy of love.
The psychologist and researcher Howard Gardner made a great contribution to education with his theory of multiple intelligences, establishing the importance of nine types of intelligence (for some, even more). However, in the traditional school there are only two: the logical-mathematical and the linguistic-verbal. But one should ask why it is more important to be more competent in mathematics or in language than to be competent in the management of emotions.Could science confirm this type of education?
When the neuroscientist G. G. Globus states that all possible worlds are inside the brain, the concept of “quantum brain” appears. Quantum physics has shown that everything in the universe is interconnected and that a part is always communicated with the whole. Thus, new trends in physics also support the holistic vision.
The theory of chaos states that the world does not follow a fixed and predictable pattern, but behaves in a chaotic manner and its processes and behavior depend, in large part, on uncertain circumstances. Applied to education, the theory of chaos leads us to understand educational phenomena as non-linear processes, which adapt to the future, to complexity and change, to order and disorder.
Why holistic ?
Daniel Goleman, American psychologist, postulates in his book Daniel Goleman (2006) Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ. Bantam, that the I.Q. contributes only 20% to success in life, while emotional coefficent. is responsible for it by 80%. An emotionally blocked child can not learn. Manage your own emotions, have a good self-esteem, know how to interact with others properly, are the really important factors to enjoy an emotionally healthy and happy life. This psychologist warns about the important decrease of emotional coefficent in the youth of the last twenty years, due, in his opinion, to the impact of technologies. Emotional skills can and should be taught in school, but not as part of a curriculum, but by exercising them in real situations as part of a hidden curriculum, though.
With this statement, this is the reason why I quoted curriculum in my title.
Also, there is nothing more important than learning to be “person”, in the full extent of the word. Holistic education improves academic results, facilitates coexistence in the classroom, helps the children to get to know each other and to relate better to themselves and to others, helps to awaken the critical sense and the ecological conscience, educates for love and peace.

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