Can Happiness Be Learned? How to Become a Happy Person?

Published: 2021-06-17 10:00:30
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While we talk at length about health and nourishment – because we believe it to be the crux of feeling happy and content with your life. Our focal points are the many lifestyle choices that help you feel like your best self. Ultimately, there are thousands of things in addition to healthy food that allow you to function like your best self. These details, no matter how big or small, allow you to move through this world showing up fully and loving your life.
We can witness what “feeling happy” is in its essence — it’s a message in the form of nutrients, positivity, cheerfulness, movement, hustle, laughter, love, connection with ourselves, and its full picture. It’s all in the symmetry, where the following five areas cast a concerted, balanced well being that will help you to explore more joy and feel best about yourself.
Squad: Make time to spend with those you care about the most. It’s your space to check in on one another, share dope events, happening in your city, be there through thick and thin. Traveling is good for the soul, but traveling with a phenomenal crew is what makes it all worthwhile. They’re the support system that will be by your side, through the ups and downs. Nurture this part of your life.
Stress: By definition, stress is your brain’s response to any demand for a change in your lifestyle. Anything that stimulates your physical or emotional energy can cause stress. Stress is not a good or bad thing – the way we react and exercise it is the most important share of the conversation. Adopt simple habits like de-stressing by breathing exercises, going for a walk, meditate and calm anxiety when it hits.
Worship your body: Moving your body and doing some physical activities will help you ditch health problems, appreciate the power and intensity of endorphins, sleep peacefully, and witness the progress you make. It’s a phenomenally empowering practice to work past the little voice in you and work up a good sweat. Moreover, it’s the absolute way to show love and honor to your working body.
Nourishment: Our food ideology is to teach you how to listen to your body and showing gratitude by fixating your everyday life on the prime nutrient-dense food which nature offers — while enjoying a glass of wine, pizza out with the crew, or whatever your jam is.
Love: Love can be embodied in several ways, mainly beyond the romantic kind. The love you share with family, friends and yourself is just as crucial and dynamic in helping you feel happy. The endemic feeling that love gives birth to can feed long, hard days and aids to center you when you start to feel “off track”, and it plays a vital role in the support you feel from your squad.

The absolute goal is to follow these areas that make you feel like your best self and leads to ultimate happiness. Do you have to feel happy and chirpy all the time? Definitely not! I don’t! But I’ve learned through the hit and miss method that when I don’t feel my best, I can involve myself in little things and use various techniques that can get me back on track.
When you do, you’ll find yourself on the road to feeling really positive and happy, consistently. Of course, this level of well-being takes a lot of practice and sincere dedication. But once you make a mindful decision that you’re absolutely looking out for #1, it’s an easy upgrade for a healthier and happier life.

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