Can an Average Student Crack Cat?

Published: 2021-06-17 09:33:46
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Have you ever wondered how the designers of CAT, came up with the concept and word CAT?CAT stands for Common Admission Test. Emphasis on the word – Common. What does it imply? Why do you think they named it Common Admission Test and not Achiever’s Admission Test or Superior Admission Test? The simple reason being that it is for everyone. For any person who dares to aspire, for any student who believes in himself, for any girl who dreams to go above and beyond. The key words in the above statements being – Aspires, Believe, Dream!
The notion of an average student is relative to particular group, society or community. An average student from one community could be an overperformer in another and a performer from one society could be below average in another group. Is 75/100 average? Or is 90/100 average? Because you all know, different people treat mediocrity differently. So first and foremost drop the usage of these words as they aren’t standard and hold no importance in a national level examination.
Now that we have decoded ‘Average’ part of the question, let’s try and tackle ‘Crack CAT’.
What does it mean to ‘Crack CAT’. Does it mean, getting 90%+ or 95%ile+ or 99%+ or does it mean admission in an IIM or does it mean admission in a B-School? If it means any of the above, know this, there is no standardization amongst students who enter a BSchool apart from the CAT Score. Not all of them are IITians or NITians or have stellar 10th, 12th academics or represented their school/state or country for a sport or an art. Cracking CAT has different interpretations to different aspirants. For some it means IIM- A, while for others it means another BSchool. It’s a function of your Aspirations, Belief System and Dreams
You must have read umpteen stories about aspirants from varied backgrounds cracking CAT, some would be below average, some would have unfavorable backgrounds and some would not have resources. But, they all made it. So how did these ‘Average’ students make it? The answer is mentioned in the first paragraph – Aspires, Believe, Dream!
Stop speculating if you are an average student and if that will be a hurdle. Instead, start believing. Motivate yourself day in and day out. Tell yourself, why you chose this path – it maybe that horrid boss who makes work seem like a task, or that friend whose life changed after an MBA, or it could be your dream to be a product manager at a reputed FMCG. These dreams need to inspire you, they will give you a fuel called determination that will ensure that your car, called aspirations, will reach your destination called Goals! And in this journey, no one will ask you, if you are average or above average!

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