Obstacles of the Bim Barriers Implementation

Published: 2021-06-17 09:50:36
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The application of any new technology will face barriers and obstacles before fully applied. The same can be said for application of building information modeling technology. Barriers and obstacles of BIM implementation must be eliminated to improve the success of adoption and to achieve perceived BIM benefits.
Many studies showed many approaches to address BIM barriers. Linbland (2013) classified the source of barriers into barriers caused by BIM users, barriers caused by BIM processes and barriers caused by BIM product. Aladag et al (2016) classified barriers of BIM adoption into four categories. The first category is barriers related to characteristic of industry such as inadequate BIM education. The second category is barriers related to acquisition of firms such as customer satisfaction. The third category is barriers related to organizational culture such as the absence of leadership to implement BIM. The fourth category is barriers related to resources. To achieve comprehensive results, barriers in this research is divided into five categories; personal, technical, business, market and organizational barriers. Some barriers are common and addressed by many authors, this means that this factors have high importance to identify sources of barriers. For instance, client demand factor is addressed by five authors, so clients are considered as an important factor to eliminate BIM adoption barriers. Also cost factor is addressed by four authors, reduction of costs regarding BIM implementation will improve BIM adoption success. After addressing barriers of BIM implementation, developing BIM adoption facilitators according to barriers is the next step to improve success of BIM implementation. Without providing BIM adoption facilitators, BIM application will remain an issue. Developing facilitators in the way that professionals can realize the advantages and perceived benefits of BIM is the key driver to increase the rate of BIM adoption.
Many researchers identified BIM facilitators from different perspectives. Arayici et al., (2009) identified the organizational culture factor as the top facilitator for BIM adoption in terms of creating a culture that is able to accept new processes and new technologies and preparing professionals which are familiar with this environment.
Actors that can facilitate BIM adoption can be classified into three categories; government, organization and people. Government plays a major role in facilitating BIM adoption, with the support of government many method can be developed to increase success of BIM adoption. Organizations can lead their employees to be BIM professionals. Many methods can be established in the organization with the support of top management to facilitate BIM adoption such as providing BIM training programs and BIM using guidelines. People such as professionals and clients can be supporting factors to increase the rate of BIM adoption.

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