Beauty Therapy: Making People Feel Good

Published: 2021-06-17 09:53:40
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A woman enters the shop tired, lazy, shy, and sleepy after a fully engaging day at work. Half an hour later, the same woman leaves the building, refreshed, energized, confident, and alive. This is what 19-year-old Charlene Liew does. As a beautician, she helps people feel confident about their looks. She relaxes them. She also re-energizes them. She is a promising beautician in the making. Within the first 6 months of her training course, she received the Top Beautician Award. Later, she claimed the Top Student Award and, during the final exams, she received honours in the highest international exam. She also went on to receive a 96% score on her CIDESCO (Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétology) exam, gaining the top mark out of the two classes present in that year.
Charlene states, “I wanted to make people feel good about themselves after a busy or stressful day at work. They come to me to relax. To get away from reality. To feel confident about their skin no matter their age.” She smiles at the thought. As you can probably tell, she enjoys helping others as she too finds it refreshing.One might think that such a career requires a lot of studying and education when in high school. In reality, though, it is the opposite, because, as Charlene puts it, “You learn most of the things you need during the course.” However, she thinks school did play a part in eventually finding who she was. She continues, “Star Courses (in school) were helpful in finding what I liked. I did hairdressing and even though I didn’t go down that line of work, I found out that I liked to work with my hands. I haven’t used math yet, but I have used science in some respects. We learned about skin disorders and how the body works which was far more interesting than other topics.” So really, doing very well academically at school is not a major requirement. It is, however, helpful.
When asked about what it was liked to work for the first time, she replied: “It’s tiring. It’s what I expected it to be in some ways, which is why I prefer school over working. I got excited when I got my first job, then it slowly became less and less exciting. I was just living through the motions. Nothing super special. However, it felt good when I received my first paycheck.” Like with all jobs, receiving your money you well deserve is always a delight. Personally, I too rejoiced at my first paycheck.
This job includes a variety of benefits, describe by Charlene. “The most rewarding part of this job is when a client comes to me after treatment to thank me and to tell me how much they’ve enjoyed the treatment and how they want to come back for more. It’s also rewarding to see them smile and be happy, relaxed and re-energized after coming in looking really tired.”
As rewarding as this job may be, there are negative points to everything. One includes having to treat dirty smelly feet or when a customer expects a miracle or the impossible to happen from staff. “It’s frustrating”, she says. Charlene once had to reassure a customer of a colour choice, as the customer demanded a slightly lighter one. When such challenges arise, she states, “I try to reason with them and be careful with what I say and do.” As with most jobs dealing with customer service, you would expect customers to become enraged or picky.
In some instances, you may expect a competitive rivalry among the staff. However, there seems to be none in the beauty industry. When asked about a possible rivalry between her and her colleagues, Charlene replied, “No. They are all very nice. They were helpful and they assisted me with anything by any means possible when I asked them for help.”
“What I wanted to achieve in this profession was not only to help others feel good about themselves but to gain a deeper understanding of how the body works. It fascinated me to see just how complex the human body is. This isn’t majorly related to beauty and therapy, but it does have a relationship between the two.” Addressing her future, she responded to wanting to start her own business. “I eventually want to be my own boss and start a business in the beauty department. As a beautician, I find this job very rewarding.” Indeed, helping others is rewarding to not only yourself but also to others. Although beauty therapy may not be of great interest to you, you may gain a sense of achievement when you help others. Beauty therapy isn’t the only job that helps others. There are many more jobs like these out there, just waiting for you to uncover them.

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