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Published: 2021-06-17 09:58:06
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Ever thought of making your casual look more trendy, fashionable or formal? The answer to the above question lies in the use of scarves, stoles and shawls. Whether attending an influential party or a board meeting at work, or a kids play date….one can dress up to all these occasions by just adding a simple piece of this clothing. Not only for women, these trends are extremely in even amongst men and kids.
Scarves have been used since centuries but were a trend that started in the European countries. Some used it as a piece of clothing to keep themselves warm whereas there were others who used these to keep themselves clean and presentable at all times. Scarves for women come in various different varities like embroidered, plain, with buttons, gaudy colours or ones even with crystals and sequences. The women can drape these around the neck in fashionable styles and can even take them on the side depending upon the occassion. Similarly, scarves for men have been in fashion since long. These are an absolute style statement when it comes to weddings, casual parties and fashion events. Infact scarves have been trending since long even amongst high ranking army, navy and air force officials. The one generation which has caught on to this trend is our generation X. Its amazing to see girls and boys now carrying scarves as part of their attire for weddings, birthday parties, baby photo shoots and so on. And what one can’t miss are the adorable disney characters, superheroes or dangling on the scarves of these little ones.
Scarves have now also been incorportaed as part of uniform in some schools across the world. One can also see a lot of airlines having scarves as a part of uniform for flight attendants and air hostesses. Apart from branded scarves like Burberry, Gucci, Chanel and others, the most expensive variety of scarf is Shatoosh and Pashmina. Shatoosh scarves and shawls are famous for their softness, warmth and material and are known to pass through a finger ring. Pashmina however is a fine Kashmiri wool. Earlier these materials were used only for shawls but with the changing times, scarves of such materials are also now available in the markets. Knitted scarves are always used to protect one from extreme cold temperatures. These are the kinds one would like to carry while travelling to the Northern part of India and to other countries across the globewith freezing temperatures.
Silk scarves are vintage accessories which comes in various prints and designs and in vibrant colours. Shawls since long have been a symbol of our royalty. Handmade expensive shawls since ages have been worn by emperors of different dynasties. This still continues amongst Maharaja’s in different states of India. Infact this is one such prized possession of India that these handmade expensive shawls are also used as gifts for various different dignitaries visiting our country. Politicians, actors, actresses, elderly people, mid aged and even youngsters like carrying shawls. These however are used only in winters as they are warmer than the stoles and scarves. Usually the heavier the embroidery the more expensive the shawl is, unless it is Pashmina or Shatoosh shawl.
A stole is shorter in length and is lighter than a shawl. The best thing about a stole is that it can easily be carried in summers also, in places where the air conditioning is low like movie halls, parties, flights and even at home. The stole works well with both western and ethnic clothes and the different designs and compactness makes it easy for one to carry these anywhere. Branded companies along with scarves, make stoles as well and stoles are available in Pashmina also. While some of them are sober, there are lovely gaudy colours available too. Some are studded with crystals while others are designed with buttons, small mirrors, intricate embroideries and self prints. Stoles are available in various affordable prices and thats why trend well amongst university goers and students who like cheap shopping.
All these classy pieces comes in vibrant colours and many designs & prints like animal prints, blocks, checks, tie die, strips, geometric, floral, graphics and many more to list and one can club them with leather jackets, plain t-shirts, one piece dress, swimsuits/beachwear and ethnic wear. There are several stylish ways of draping a stole or muffler:

French Knot is a very trendy way of draping a scarf/stole around your neck
Scarf Necklace is another way of draping a stole around your neck and make a lose knot to give a look of a necklace
Classic Drape is a way to simply wrap your piece around your shoulder.
Neck Wrap is a keeping a long scarf looped around your neck. Double loop can be another trick too.
Head scarf these days is youngsters style statement of wrapping a scarf around their hair to give a band look.
Waist Loop is one of the coolest way to use a scarf as a belt around the stomach.
Sideways Fall is the old classic way of carrying a stole on one shoulder.
Reverse scarf drape is mostly common with Men who like to drape their muffler or stole backwards over their neck
Parisian scarf knot is another cool way men carry their wrap arounds.
Presently this garment is worn for religious purposes to cover the head, is used as a fashion accessory apart from providing protection from sun and cold. Scarves are wardrobe essentials, and this trend would evolve over the years across the globe.

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