Aaron’s Heroic Journey Moses

Published: 2021-06-17 10:09:43
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Aaron is one of the characters features in the book of Exodus found in the Holy Bible. He is mostly known for being Moses brother, who is called to action by the Lord to help Moses complete the Lords quest. Aaron shows that he is a selfless, courageous and takes other peoples lives as a higher priority than his own, displaying the true attributes of a hero. He shows that he is selfless by risking his life, standing up to a Pharaoh King and commanding him to let the Israelite people go, also displaying true courage by not fearing for his own life standing up to a man of such high authority. He does not show fear, as he knows that other peoples lives, many thousands in fact, are much worse off than his, striving him to do what ever it takes to free them from slavery. The heroes cycle starts with the ‘call to adventure’ where he is summoned by either an event occurring or a person seeking help. This is the stage in which Aarons ordinary world becomes extraordinary as he receives a call from the Lord himself, a super natural being, and choses to embark on the tasks in which the Lord has set him.
The Lord speaks to Moses prior to summoning Aaron by addressing the fact that Aaron would not question his judgement but do as he, the Lord, wishes. This is shown in the following quotation taken from Exodus four in the Bible; (Moses, Exodus four)“ For lo, he cometh also forth to meet thee, and when he seeth thee, he will be glad in his heart.” This conveys how Aaron would never question the Lord, but would be thrilled to receive word from the Lord to complete a task for him. As Aaron is Moses’ older brother, he is also seen as a mentor for Moses, even though the Lord is the main leader or guardian of this adventure. In God’s eyes Aaron would help Moses to become more confident and trust the Lords word because he, Aaron, believes that they have been chosen for a reason, and should, therefore, be jumping at the chance to do such a gracious job for God. This is portrayed by God when he states; he “will teach you what ye ought to do.” (Moses, Exodus four)Aaron is asked by the Lord to “ go meet Moses in the wilderness. And he went and met him in the Mount of God and kissed him.” (Moses, Exodus 4)In this quotation Aaron does not once question the Lord to why he has been chosen but simply does as he asks and heads to find his brother. This shows how Aaron has skipped the part of the heroes cycle where he is to ‘refuse the call’ to adventure, but because he is such a heroic figure, he does not refuse the call to help other people and save them from slavery. In Exodus five Aaron shows true bravery by speaking to the Pharaoh, a superior to himself, and instructing him to “let my people go”(Moses, Exodus five) in the words of God, and this conveys great courage to say this to such an important person, a Pharaoh king. Only a true hero would risk their life in order to save many others, and though the Pharaoh rejects his request, Aaron still shows strength to continue until he completes the quest that God sent him on. Moses begins to doubt the Lord again due to an unsuccessful journey to the pharaoh, but this only drives Aaron more to go back and try again. Therefore in Exodus six Aaron is told by God to (Moses, Exodus six)”go to the pharaoh again and the Israelites” and spread his word again.
Most people, like Moses, would doubt the Lord’s word, but Aaron shows true bravery and selflessness by risking his life again to save God’s people the Israelites. As Aaron shows such a commitment to God that in Exodus seven, he is then introduced as a prophet of Lord, and continued to do as the Lord had commanded. Being award such a title, emphasises how special and extraordinary Aaron is compared to any other person, bringing him out to be like a hero figure to not only to Israelites but his own brother Moses. He is given a supernatural aid in the form of a magical rod given to him by God, their extraordinary mentor. This rod turns into a serpent and is a physical miracle that symbolises how great the Lord is, and proves to the pharaoh that God is not a force to be messed with. In this chapter “Aaron’s rod devoured their rods” (Moses, Exodus seven) referring to the may sorcerers and magicians rods summoned by the pharaoh to control Aarons powers. By having the power of God within his rod, Aaron has incredible powers that not even the best sorcerers could not control, showing how special Aaron is, making him stronger than the kings finest men. Aaron therefore gains strength over the pharaoh by having a super natural aid to control the land.
In Exodus eight he turns the water of the lakes and rivers into blood, which is not ordinary by any means, and covers the land in frogs, lice and flies with the help of God’s supernatural powers through the rod given to him by the Lord. In Exodus 10 Aaron shows that he is stronger than his enemy, the Pharaoh, as he has put all these plagues onto his land and people, and several times he has pleaded for the Lord to stop his work, and would then regain his ‘hard heart,’ mentioned several times throughout the chapters, and refuse to let the Israelites go, however this time was different, because not much of the pharaohs land or people were left after the ten plagues, and then obeyed the words from the Lord, through the mouth of Aaron and Moses, and let the Israelites free from his power to go and serve the Lord God. The People of God, the Israelites looked up to Moses and Aaron as heroes for helping to get them free, after being denied several time, and from then on the Israelites listened to God through Moses and Aaron as they travelled to safer lands. In Exodus twelve it says, “the lord commanded Moses and Aaron, so did they.” (Moses, Exodus twelve) This quote states that whenever the Lord instructed Moses ad Aaron to do something they also obeyed because Aaron listened to the Lord and helped save them, and should be listen to due to being a hero to the Israelites.

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