A Reflection Paper on the Influences of the Efficiency of Low-cost Housing for a Project in the Philippine

Published: 2021-06-17 10:16:12
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Sometimes the bigger the house isn’t always better. There are three (3) main advantages we can find in small homes, financially, environmentally, and psychologically. Creating a low-cost housing program here in the Philippines can be crucial since there are a lot of environmental and social problems that the country is facing right now. The video showed an idea on how to build a practical and sufficient low-cost housing unit. The financial advantages of tiny homes begin right away with cost-effective building methods. It costs much less to build a tiny home than to build a larger home. That lower cost opens up the option to buy for individuals who might not otherwise be able to afford a house. It also appeals to young people who may have lots of college debt or haven’t saved up a large down payment for a home.
Advantages of this type of housing is that it is built in less than 6 hours, imagine how many houses can be built in a month. Also it has no environmental impact meaning, there will be no ground excavation that will happen in building it. We all know that the Philippines is a calamity prone area, so in order to create and efficient housing unit, it must be flood proof and earthquake proof. Which lead to its third advantage, the low-cost housing that was shown in the video is earthquake proof. Due to its triangular shape, it must be very stable. Another thing is it can be used permanently or temporarily. Circumstances may occur at some places, so when the time comes that the area where the housing units were located became flooded, they can be easily relocated to a much safer place.The only disadvantage that I perceived is that it costs much higher than the normal low-cost housing budget here in the Philippines. Also, with its size, I don’t think that it can fit a family with 5-7 members. It may or it may not be approved by the government agencies because of its price, but with its long term benefits, maybe the LGU’s can give it a chance.
This idea can be incorporated in our desired low-cost housing style because it can give a lot more benefits than its actual cost. Also, it can be very appealing to the Millennial users who couldn’t otherwise afford a home of their own, retirees who want to downsize, adventurous type of people who always wants to travel, and to those people who believes that “Less is more.”

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