A Look at the Life, Rise to Power and Decay of Prohibition Gangster Alphonse Gabriel

Published: 2021-06-17 09:54:40
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The life of Al Capone
In the early spring of 1899, a big Italian family immigrant to Brooklyn, New York, and their fourth children was born.Living in poverty there was not much to do in order to get any food or additional supplies that my family couldnt afford. Living in a really though neighborhood I affiliated with two of Brooklyns best known and respected œkid mobs The Brooklyn Rippers and the Forty Thieves Juniors.
During that time I was trying to store-lift and steal all kinds of belongings from shops, markets and other people. While still being intelligent in school in the sixth grade, when I was about 14 years old I decided to drop out of school and go back to the street life thinking that there was a better future for me in order to get a decent job and financial support. While being a mob member I worked at some scrubby jobs at candy stores, bowling allies and book binders. During those years I became friends with several people that were fairly about the same age as me. One of them became my very true best friend. He helped me out when I was in trouble and I did the same when he needed my help. œThis is pretty much my story¦. The story of my growing up in the streets of New York, living in a large Italian family, and becoming leader of one of the most feared gangs in Chicago.Though, after having earned my “Dirty Money”. It is time to retire from my “position”. But before I do so, in a prestigious way, I have to make sure leadership of our mob is under the control of a great and honorable leader, one that I can trust in the case of a rival gang war. To ensure that would happen, I had to plan the assassination of Johnny Torrio. Which took place on February 14th, 1929.AI got his crew ready to rush the Mansion of Johnny Torrio, but they also had to make sure they would not be seen by anyone, incase Torrio had bodyguards, or any other people working for him at his mansion.
By now Al was pretty good at avoiding prosecution by hiring Americas best lawyers and bribing the judges and others, so there was a rather small chance that he could get in trouble with the authorities, though.On the morning of 1929s Valentines Day Al and his crew got ready to attack the Torrio residence. They arrived with four cars and parked down the road from the house. Instead of going through the front gate, they tried to get in through the back of the house where there wasnt as many guards. They sneaked carefully over the fence and they opened the backdoor lightly and peeked out to see what was there. “No one” he said. The hallway that the door opened to was dark. Walking in, trying not to make any noise on the way to Torrios bedroom where he was probably asleep. They rushed up the stairs and broke down the bedroom door. It was a trap.
A trap that was planned perfectly, it was a trap of the government to finally fraud him with a crime.. and it was a big crime let me tell you. In that night him, and those that were with him were rushed directly to a local jail, just outside of Chicago, without even going to court. And there it was, probably one of the most wealthy mobsters in America sent to jail, probably for life.Al Capone is now known all over the world for his actions during the 1920s and 1930s. He died in 1937 in a low revenue hospital in New York.

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