History of A-cat Corporations and Strategy Recommendations for Their Future Development

Published: 2021-06-17 09:33:50
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A-CAT Corporations history has shown that the demands for their product fluctuate through the years. This corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical appliances, from voltage regulators to TV signal boosters. Since A-CAT has been in business since 1986, there is a lot of historical data to base sales trends and volume, but in this analysis, we are looking at data from 2006 through 2010. During this history they have been known to both over and under predict the volume required, as well as the market demand. These issues have led to stock and delivery time problems as well. The main component in most of the products that A-CAT manufactures is a transformer. Based on the inconsistency of the order pattern, the transformer manufacturer cannot guarantee lead times or cost. Internal stakeholders, like the management team and production/manufacturing departs will be impacted, as they are the ones that need to produce the goods and deliver to customers. While the external stakeholders include the shareholders and customers. The customers don’t want to wait for the products, so timeliness is very important to them and the shareholders would like to see increased profits from adding efficiency to the production methods.
To create an initial analysis plan, multiple things must be identified first. The main quantifiable factors in this issue are the data collected, the sales of voltage regulators and sales of refrigerators. These ranges of data can provide significant descriptive statistics. The requirement number of transformers should be able to be calculated with this data. Calculating the means based on two prior months data, and the same month from two previous years can be misleading. The current sales trends are not being accounted for with this calculation.The main problem statement for this case study is A-CAT would like to analyze and develop a purchasing plan that is clear, and concise. Is the mean number of transformers required for production more or less than originally estimated? Can the use of normal distribution, with the assistance of production capacities and other methods, be used to calculate the required transformer amount? Can the report be written with the details required, yet able to be understood by everyone? “We should be able to plan our transformer purchasing better. I would like you to not only understand, analyze and propose your projections but would also like you to come up with a report that even a lower grade clerk in stores should be able to fathom and follow.” (Sharma, 2013)
As for a strategy, the company needs to develop an analysis plan that is truly based on statistics and a quality control system. It needs to be use demonstrate descriptive analytics and create control limitations. This analysis will report back if the specified limitations are feasible and if the customer requirements can be met. Another plausible corrective action would be to address efficiencies in manufacturing floor layout and warehousing. Changes of this minute level can have large positive impacts to product flow and properly estimate requirements.

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