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Roberto Suro

Roberto Suro is a veteran print journalist with extensive experience in foreign, domestic and Washington coverage as a senior staffer for The New York Times and The Washington Post. Prior to joining the School of Journalism faculty in August 2007, he was director of the Pew Hispanic Center, a research organization in Washington D.C. which he founded in 2001 as a project of the Annenberg School for Communication. At the Center, Suro supervised the production of more than 100 publications that offered non-partisan statistical analysis and public opinion surveys chronicling the rapid growth of the Latino population and its implications for the nation as a whole. Suro�s journalistic career began in 1974 at the City New Bureau of Chicago as a police reporter, and after tours at the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune he joined TIME Magazine where he worked as a correspondent in the Chicago, Washington, Beirut and Rome bureaus. In 1985 he started at The New York Times with postings as bureau chief in Rome and Houston. After a year as an Alicia Patterson Fellow, Suro was hired at The Washington Post as a staff writer on the national desk, eventually covering a variety of beats including the Justice Department and the Pentagon and serving as Deputy National Editor. Coverage of Latinos and more broadly immigration to the United States has been a continuous theme throughout Suro�s career. He is author of Strangers Among Us: Latino Lives in a Changing America, (Vintage, 1999) as well as numerous reports, articles and other publications on these subjects. He continues to conduct research and write on the Hispanic population through grant-funded projects and as a Non-Resident Senior Fellow of the Brookings Institution.

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