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Scholars Program

Healthcare Quality Scholars Program

The Network for Multicultural Research on Health and Healthcare promotes health services research on health care quality issues affecting Latino and Native American Indian/Alaska Native populations. The program is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and works to expand the number of new researchers developing careers in this field. The rapid expansion of multicultural populations in the U.S., combined with the heterogeneity of these groups, increases the need for more information to help reduce health care disparities.

Our program supports secondary data analyses on intra-group determinants (social-cultural factors, ethnic subgroups, language preference, demographic factors, etc.) of health services research using major national and regional survey data sets on access to care, utilization of care, quality of care, health care cost, insurance coverage, and chronic conditions (e.g. MEPS, CPS, NHIS, NHANES, etc.). Inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic analyses are encouraged.

Through the Healthcare Quality Scholars program, the Network supports junior faculty (e.g. assistant professors) holding a part-time or full-time position in the U.S., in completing research analysis and publishing manuscript(s). Two mentors are assigned from the group of the Network’s senior investigators for each scholar. (See a complete list of senior investigators on our website at: ). In addition, the Network provides statistical support for the scholars if they require it.

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Support for this program was provided by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ® Princeton, New Jersey