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J. Emilio Carrillo

Dr. J. Emilio Carrillo is Associate Attending Physician at New York- Presbyterian Hospital and Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine and Clinical Public Health at the Weill Cornell Medical College. In addition to his academic duties, Dr. Carrillo serves as President and Chief Medical Officer of the New York-Presbyterian Hospital Community Health Plan. Dr. Carrillo received his undergraduate degree from Columbia College in 1972, his medical degree from Harvard Medical School in 1976, and his masters of public health degree from Harvard School of Public Health in 1981. His commitment to community health began early in his career at Harvard Medical School, when he studied the impact of cultural and social factors on patient care. Dr. Carrillo is a leading healthcare administrator and expert in community health and cultural competency. His research focuses on race, ethnicity and barriers to optimizing healthcare.

New York-Presbyterian Hospital Community Health Plan

Recent and Pending Publications

Carrillo JE , Carrillo VA, Perez HR, Salas-Lopez D, Natale-Pereira A and Byron AT. “Defining and Targeting Health Care Access Barriers.” Journal of Health of the Poor and Undeserved, 22(2): 562-575, 2011.

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