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Hector M. Gonzalez

Hector M. González is an assistant professor of gerontology and family medicine at . He is a neuropsychologist with clinical research training and experience from UC Davis' and University of Michigan's Alzheimer's Disease and Research Centers. Dr. González' primary research experience is as co-investigator of the , which is a prospective cohort study of dementia in older Mexican Americans. He is principal investigator of a NIMH funded K08 grant titled "Vascular Depression and Function in Older Latinos." Dr. González' major research interests are in neuroepidemiology and psychiatric epidemiology. Specifically, his research interest is in how chronic disorders, such as diabetes, hypertension and depression and access to health care contribute to brain changes and functional impairment.

Project Title:
Acculturation, Medical illness and the Adequacy of Mental Healthcare for Depressive Disorders.
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Recent and Pending Publications

González HM , Vega WA and Tarraf W. (2010). "Health Care Quality Perceptions among Foreign-Born Latinos and the Importance of Speaking the Same Language." Journal of American Board of Family Medicine , 23(6): 745-752.

González HM , Vega WA, Williams DR, Tarraf W, West BT and Neighbors HW. (2010). "Depression Care in the United States: Too Little for Too Few." Archives of General Psychiatry , 67(1): 37-46.

González HM , Vega WA, Rodriguez MA, Tarraf W and Sribney W. (2009). "Diabetes Awareness and Knowledge Among Latinos: Does a Usual Source of Healthcare Matter?" Journal of General Internal Medicine , 24(Suppl 3): 528-533.

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González HM , Croghan T, West B, Williams D, Nesse R, Tarraf W, Taylor R, Hinton L, Neighbors H, Jackson J. (2008). Antidepressant Use in Black and White Populations in the United States. Psychiatric Services . 59(10):1131-8.

Bowen, ME and Gonzalez, HM. (2008). Racial/Ethnic Differences in the Relationship Between the Use of Health Care Services and Functional Disability: The Health and Retirement Study (1992–2004). The Gerontological Society of America . 48(5), 659–667.

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