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  1. Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights

    Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. Men and women are treated differently in this society. Women are treated as if they are worth less than a man. In the story The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald belittled women, women were disrespected, controlled and abused by the men in the story. A feminist would not be okay with the especially because the women did not stand up for themselves. With this being said The Great Gatsby cannot be considered as a feminist text.

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    My life ending

    September 28, 2018. It’s late in the third quarter and we’re up by a lot, but coach calls a blitz to try to keep the pressure on. (some type of FL). I take off and slip through the offensive line. My right foot hits the ground to redirect my body and that’s when it happened. Blindsided from the left, I wasn’t prepared and my knee took the brunt of the hit. It was like a rubber band snapping. A balloon popping. My life ending. Ever since the fourth grade, when my parents finally let me go from flag to tackle, football has been my reason for being. I’m no 5 star recruit, I’m not going to be the next Hall of Fame player, but I work to be the best I can be. I know that’s cliche but that’s all I can control. On that night though, it seemed like the past, present, and future blurred together, becoming unemployed professors review. Nothing else mattered because for the first time ever I was down on the field, and too scared to get up. The rubber band that had snapped in my knee was my ACL, a vital ligament that requires surgery to fix. However, all I knew at the time was that it hurt a lot.

    I wasn’t able to walk either so that made unemployed professors reviews the next day pretty interesting. Crutches and button-downs are a rough combination. Everyone kept asking me what happened and I could only guess at that point, but each time I explained what I thought may have happened, I was filled with more doubt, fear and uncertainty. I was full of worry but I had never felt more empty, even amidst the party going on around me. If I’m being honest though, nothing much changed after I could walk a few days later. I knew I couldn’t play, but I still went to practice to try and help the team. After talking to a few doctors I knew what the MRI would say, so it wasn’t a surprise when we had to set a date for surgery. Of course, I was still upset, but there was nothing I could do. I was powerless which is something I would have to get used to. But in reality, asides ....

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