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  1. How Does Health Affect Academic Performance

    Any student knows that the study goes hand in hand with stressful situations. In the run-up to the exams, the intensity of mental and physical activity increases at double rates. Of course, all these conflicts, sleepless nights, a sense of grievance at the teachers have a negative impact on health, both mental and physical.

    Pay Attention to the Mental Balance

    Health affects all aspects of our lives. A healthy student, who sleeps peacefully at night, has a better chance of becoming an excellent student than a student who is tormented by visiting doctors and constant sleep deprivation. You can write off a lot of things to temporary difficulties, including your laziness, hysterical, and bad temper. That's why optimists with a positive perception of reality receive from life much more than talented whiners. This axiom should be kept in mind while preparing for the exams. Modern medicine is full of many theories about the causes of certain diseases. However, the well-established belief that nerves can cause diseases is recognized as fair in scientific society and among the general public. Therefore, every student should be aware of the necessity to maintain mental balance, especially during the exam period. The dozens of exams, a pile of assigned essays, and courseworks are a reason for the stressful situation, and as a result, your disease gets worse, and you are too exhausted to overcome the obstacles.

    Say "YES" to a Positive Mood

    Our thoughts have power, and our attitude to any situation is reflected in our activities. A positive mood and a sense of self-confidence inspire a person. Feeling like that, it seems to a student that the answers to the teacher's tricky questions during the exam arise spontaneously. A positive mood can hack any defense. Any student knows that if he is on a roll now, there are no persisting barriers for him. You can call it luck or impudence—the positive mood gives the right results. But it happens that you can't think positively and are still prevented from positive thinking by a trifle like an essay. Don't let it tick you off! Ask experienced writers for help, pay for college essay online, and get your paper on time!

    How Are We Affected by the Negative Perception of Reality?

    However, if you initially have a negative perception of reality, then in addition to the negative assessment on the exam, you can get a lot of chronic diseases during the learning process. Doctors say that those people who tend to resent everyone and everyone, most often suffer from cardiovascular disease. Constant nervous tension and fear will relax at least for a second—leads to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Excessive aggression and irascibility are the right companions of liver disease. People who can’t refuse disadvantageous offers have arthritic. Besides, according to recent research, all melancholics have kidney problems, and bad-tempered people have heartburn.
    In short, the well-known thesis about the materiality of our thoughts has received another confirmation. That's why try not to invent imaginary problems and solve real problems with a smile.

Support for this program was provided by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ® Princeton, New Jersey